Distance Healing for Pets

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I have been asked over the past 15 or so years to work with pets occasionally. In fact, my dog Lucy was one of my favorite pets to practice Energy Healing. I have used Distance Healing with a friend’s pet. I remember one casually known neighbor had told me that her cat was dying. In tears, she asked if I could help. I didn’t know what the expectation was, or the cat’s condition, but she was infirm. The cat was not moving much. After working with the Energy of both the neighbor, and her cat, there were changes. The cat began to show signs of having more energy. She roamed the apartment, drank water. Her Person, also began to feel better. After the cat Crossed Over, her Person had a good resolve, knowing that the cat and she had enjoyed their last few days in the best condition possible.

A dog, cat, horse, or fish, no matter what incarnation, they are Spirit. Having said this, I have heard conversation, where a Human would opine that the animal has a lower place in our social structure. If they are a dog, cat, or ‘because they are an animal” they are dispensable. This is profoundly not true.

Domestic pets, such as dogs or cats, are typically the subject of joking comments like,”you had better be careful, you may come back as a dog, in your next life”, or “what did that dog do to deserve not being a person in this life?”

Consider instead, that as we are all Spirit, we are here to learn our Life Lessons. This includes learning from each other, animal, plant, and mineral. This applies to incarnations as dog and cat. These two animals typically are here to teach life lessons of Empathy, Devotion, Loyalty, and Compassion. How many of us have been out on a walk and have seen a bird with a broken wing, and felt deep compassion? I have. That was the reason I saw it. I learned compassion and empathy.

Thus, Distance Healing for pets is not a far fetched practice for the Distance Healer. Your pets also have the same organization of Spiritual Energies. Animals are not less than important in our society. Our pets are loved for who they are, and are not ‘lower beings’ by any means.They deserve to be cared for in the same way we would do for ourselves, including the use of Distance Healing.

Pets communicate, at least one way, telepathically. Most of us, with a little practice, know exactly what our pet wants from us. If one listens a little closer, one can also hear the request for healing. Distance Healing is one way the pet can feel the soothing Energy, the same as we do, with Distance Healing.



September 21, 2010