Twin Souls

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Twin Soul Identification

Part 1

A Twin Soul is identified over time. They are different than a ‘Soul Mate’ in relationship and in their beginnings of such.

A ‘Twin Soul’ comes into being when one soul ‘doubles’ and becomes two of the identical ‚ÄúSoul Vibration’ or ‘Material’.

This can last more than one life time, as we are truly one soul, having many lifetimes. The ‘Twin Souls’ are then born to either one set of parents having identical twins, or to two sets of parents, each ‘twin’ having a separate family

At exactly the correct time, they will meet, if they have had separate sets of parents, either early or later in their lifetimes.

The nature of the relationship is such that this set of ‘Twin Souls’ has spent a lifetime as each other’s Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Friend, Daughter, Son, Lover, Enemy, Husband,Wife. Every possible relationship has happened over the course of several lifetimes, and they know each other quite deeply. They know each other’s ‘Soul’ so well. It is their own.

When they meet, as ‘Twin Souls’ in their current lifetime, it is for a special purpose. There is much more to accomplish through their ‘Synergy’. They become involved in the ‘Purpose of the Divine’, where two are needed to accomplish the enormous tasks they have agreed upon.

Coninues with Part 2 tomorrow



September 25, 2010