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A World Unseen. Sometimes

Spirit Worlds Part II

In my ceaseless study of the Spirit World, and what happens when our Personal Energy departs from our dense matter existing on Earth, I discover new jewels of information from many areas. A focus on Ghosts, so curious, elusive, sometimes not. What are their messages to us, in this very mysterious world, where some people are allowed to see them, some are not? Who are they, what do they want from me?

The definition of a Ghost, is a Spirit departed, who remains by their own free will, within the Astral Plane. Translation, they do not Cross Over, but remain within the Earth Plane, as opposed to traveling to their ultimate home, in other Dimensions. They can do this because they have ‘Free Will”. They get to choose. For every Ghost, there is a new reason as to why they remain, here in the Astral Plane.

Some remain out of bitterness, some decide that they want to be solitary for awhile, creating a comfortable reality of their choosing and rest within it. Some build their own confinement, a prison of sorts akin to self flagellation in the Spirit World. Some stay bound on Earth itself, enjoying the opportunity to frighten those still in physicality. Others, well, quite sadly, try everything to recover their physical Earthly lives and live here longer.

All the while, they know they are dead. As a Human Being, their particular lifetime is over. They know what needs to happen next. Eventually they need to Cross Over to the other Dimension, review their Life’s Lessons, restore their Energy. Depending on how they came to depart from their Earthly body, their Energy may need some serious restoration. All the while, their Spirit Guide is with them, while they take this little ‘Ghostly Hiatus’. Often they are persuaded to come away from their Ghostly Activities. To move on, become whole again, live as a Spirit, the way they did before their last incarnation. Remember what it was like to walk through walls? To levitate?

This can go on indefinitely. Some 25, 50 or 100 years in Earth Time. It equates to around 2 weeks in time for other Dimensions. No big deal for them. But what is the final decision for these Ghosts to do the right thing, to Cross Over?

It seems that the motivation is the same as for us. The isolation, being away from their Soul Group, the reunion at the Gate being cloaked with Unconditional Love from their Guides, family members, the celebration of life moving forward. The possibility of returning to Earth on a new assignment. Or the decision to remain in Spirit for a few hundred Earth Years, rest with their favorite companion, and sit this one out.

I have a different view of Ghosts these days. I considered them ‘throw away discarnates’ who didn’t want to do the right thing. They are not so different from us. I have more empathy for them. At certain times, I will even have a discussion during Table Tipping, and counsel them to do the right thing, and Cross Over.

Some understanding for the right Ghost can go a long way.



October 10, 2010