Spirit Messengers Among Us

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A Chance Encounter?

Spirit Worlds Part III

Thinking about Spirit Realities and all of the Spirit Energy generously showered into and onto my life, I know by speaking with others that this is the truth for many of them too. I remember throughout my life, I would have brief visits, with Spirit Messengers. They would be initiated by the “Messenger” who would strike up a conversation. I would find myself feeling unusually comfortable and trusting of the person in a short time frame, 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and just as immediately, they would be gone. We could not be friends. I would never see them again.

I remember one afternoon working in my Dad’s Bakery. I was 15 or 16. I put a cake into the display case, and thought that, if no one bought THAT one, I would take it home. Shortly afterwards, a customer arrived, a man dressed in a business suit, and immediately decided he wanted THAT item. He struck up a conversation. The type that I find myself enjoying before I can put up defenses. He lingered, and finally said, “you have a beautiful smile”. His own smile was beautiful, too. He left immediately after that comment. I hurried over to the window. I knew that he was special, whether I could receive his compliment well or not. As I glanced out, he was nowhere to be found. No car, not on foot. There wasn’t enough time for him to have run with it, I would have still seen him. Who WAS he?

I have had several of these types of visits. They are characterized by a few consistent clues. The visit is short. It is distracting. We don’t pay attention to the significance of the details until it is over. It is almost as if the Spirit Entity has left a ‘Red Herring” and disappeared. We are left to unravel the message. One such event has taken me the last 3 years to understand. What they all have in common is that they are for the benefit of the Human involved, and for the Maturity of the Spirit Entity.

It is all done with Unconditional Love, and for the betterment of understanding we are never alone. An encounter with a Spirit Entity will come out well for us, should we unravel and appreciate the lesson. I have not had an occasion when a Messenger has left harmful energy in its wake. They are here and visit us in an effort to support.

When you meet a Spirit Entity, you will know a very special message.



October 15, 2010