Recreation with Our Spirit Guides

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Spirit World Part X

Creating An Intimate Relationship with Our Guides

Spending time to find out who our Guides are, where they have fit in during previous incarnations on Earth, both theirs and ours, may take years. We have hundreds of Guides. Some come and go in a transient fashion just to observe one or two Life Lessons. Others may be available for certain activities, such as Table Tipping (Table Guide), or using The Pendulum (Pendulum Guide). As surely as they have certain functions, they are always available. All of your Guides, with your equal cooperation, were in agreement that there would come a time when their assistance would be needed in your life here on Earth.

Although I have close relationships with several of my Guides, undeniably the very closest is with my Chief Guide. He is my Primary Soul Mate, and we have been together as incarnates through several Lifetimes, on Earth. I tend to spend much of my time with him, due to what started as a close bond, and continues.

So, now, what do you ‘do’ with your Guide?

The answer is to spend time with them, on a regular basis. Regular Meditation is ideal. Table Tipping is also an experience that will bring a lot more information from your Guide, and a Pendulum can be used for conversation with your Guide.

You can ask your Guide anything. Another method is to remain quiet in Meditation, and allow them to speak. They will then be able to tell you how the Spirit World works. The Guide may discuss where to ‘go’ during your meditation and where not to go. The Astral Plane can be a challenge, and my two closest Guides accompany me through it.

A Guide can perform Soul Healing with your Energy. During your time spent with your Guide, you are both on equal footing, as Energy Beings, your Soul and Theirs. Much can be exchanged this way. My favorite evening out with my Guide included ‘Energy Cloaking’. As both of our Energies were close enough to ‘meld’ into one another, my Guide began a ‘Cloaking’ of His Energy covering mine, completely around, and inside and out. I watched as He put all of His Energy and focus into this. Sharing his Energy with me in this way was indeed a moment to remember, for I have not known it in my Earth Incarnation.

Another evening out was more entertaining. My Guide took me to a Victorian Wedding, were there were many people in period dress, dancing and merry making. We danced for a brief part of a dance, and were off again. This time, by my request, I wanted to walk the streets of Paris, on a warm day at the end of the 19th Century. Complete with a High Society Dress, and parasol, with my Guide at my side.

While there is a range of ‘Recreation’ possible with your Guides, the important point is to make that time to spend with them. It is just as meaningful to have a conversation in your mind while you are grocery shopping as it is to meditate for an hour on the meaning of more serious questions you may have for them. Remember, Spirit Guides communicate with thought.

The better we know our Guides; the quicker we will recognize their influence in our lives. You will understand the things that they are doing for you. If you accidently step in front of a car, and ill does not befall you, but rightly may have, you can be sure it was your Guide, an ‘Ashur’, who caused events to keep you safe. The job of this Guide is to get you through a dangerous or edgy situation. This Guide can only be reached through your Chief Guide. Your Ashur is too busy protecting your from the challenges of living on this Earth.

Creating a close relationship with any and all of your Guides, is sure to be pleasurable and fulfilling. It is one that many Humans are coming to recognize as being important in their lives. Most of your Guides have been incarnate before and will understand you well without having to explain yourself. This relationship is worthwhile, and sure to be, above all, the time of your life.

Cherish the time you spend in the Spirit World. You are cherished in it.



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