Spirit Guides Are Just the Spice We Need

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Spirit Worlds Part VII

What a Spirit Guide Is (and is not)

In this four part series of Spirit Guides Defined, I will describe what a Spirit Guide is, how to discover your Spirit Guide, what a relationship with a Spirit Guide is like, and all of the various interactions and achievements that they can help us to make.

I was introduced to my Primary, or Chief Spirit Guide about 16 years ago, during a Table Tipping session, my first. His name is Hamish. Our last life together was during the Civil War. He died of a head wound, before we could be married. We had many lives previous to this one, where we were married, very happily. This, as I would later find out, was a game changer for my life for the next three lives, including the one in present time.

Over the next several years, I developed a constant and inconsistent relationship with him. He didn’t always fit into my busy life, even though I knew he was there. He never demanded anything of me. I thought there was only one Spirit Guide following me around. But no, as I found out, there were possibly hundreds. Some Guides stayed for a Lesson or two in a temporary manner. Others were more deeply invested. Each had a specific purpose, and task, in which we agreed to before I had incarnated into this life. Yes, I had designed my own Life’s Lessons and chosen the Guides, and other Beings, who would witness my life, and my learning of those lessons. Among other things.

Spirit Guides can be described as first and most importantly, operating from a perspective of Unconditional Love. They are Non Judgmental. Many of mine have been with me in one or more incarnation. They know me well. My Chief Guide, Hamish, knows me so very well, the best. That is why he is with me. He has been my Primary Soul Mate through many incarnations.

The fact that our Guides know us so well, does not give them access to all of the future events of our life. Not all of them have access to our Akashic Records, nor can they see when we are due to Cross Over in this life. Even that is our own Free Will. There is mystery.

What they do so well, is in steering us in the optimal direction. An example would be if you have a strong difficulty with a friend, and it would be easier to just “dump” this person. This is where a Spirit Guide has foresight. In the case of mine, he may decide to outline a summary of what I did, what the other person did. How does that relate to my wanting to run from this difficulty. Since he knows me, he knows my Soul. My Life’s Lessons, my Intention. Knowing me at this depth, he is able to suggest a way forward. Lately, every discussion comes home to ‘this is a chance for you to learn more about Unconditional Love. How about trying to be Non Judgmental this time. What about compassion and empathy, maybe try it in this situation.’ Ultimately, I can use my Free Will after one of these discussions, and I do.

Guides are not perfect. They accompany me on my journey for other reasons. As we mature, they mature. As they observe us learning, so they learn too. They are not here for our service. They exist to watch over us, our best plan for learning our Life’s Lessons. They are not here to give us the numbers for winning the lottery. Their task is more direct. That is, how best will this person survive this incarnation, and make optimal choices.

When the relationship is developed with our Guides, there are rich benefits beyond comprehension.
As we become more Spiritually Mature, more is given to us in understanding. The ability to experience Unconditional Love. Seeing a situation from a different vantage point.

All taken together, our Spirit Guides bring a new aspect of Joy in Living that may have been impossible before knowing them.

Spirit Guides continues tomorrow.



14 November 2010