Walk-Ins Welcome?

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Spirit Worlds Part VI

Crossing Over Is Hard To Do

There is a term among some who work in and are passionate about the Spirit World. That term is384a3d33eee644c0a7df939ce6e53145
‘Walk-In’. Speaking from a Spirit’s point of view, whether it is a failure of their ability to complete their Lessons, it is difficult to say. One thing is for sure, this is a rare phenomenon.

The characterization of the occurrence is difficult to see from the Third Dimensional point of view. Many symptoms may or may not be evident after a Walk-In. A Walk-Out, is followed by a Walk-In. That is, there is an exchange of Souls, where one Soul leaves a Human Being, and another Soul enters that same Human Being.

Why would this even happen, I wondered. Although the fog still has not entirely lifted on this question, there are some consistencies.

A Walk-Out happens when a Soul becomes so frustrated with their situation in life, that they decide they may need to leave. This is arranged with another Soul who has decided, that they want to enter life as an Adult Being, and not have to go through the difficulty of childhood and early years of adulthood. This type of situation may happen after a life-threatening critical surgery, or near death post recovery is experienced. The person is different, and after recovery, may not feel that they want to stay. Not necessarily wishing they could die either. This is not suicide. It is a “Soul Exchange.”

The Walk-In may be the type of Soul that for some reason, left Earth before they had completed certain tasks, Now, with agreement from the Walk-Out, the new Soul will have an opportunity to finish those tasks. Sound strange? It is, shall I say, unusual.

The Walk-In, often times will be noticed to say things like, “I just don’t feel like myself anymore”, or they have a difficult time remembering things about their present life. The names of their children do not come easily for them. Their own husband or wife is a stranger. In another scenario, there is almost no difference at all, neither the family of a Walk-In nor the Walk-In person, can notice any difference.

So if there are no concrete “symptoms” of a Walk-In or Walk-Out, what can we conclude?

This is a rare occurrence, in the Spirit World. The infinitely unknown reasons as to why this would happen are as many as there are people on Earth. We cannot know why it would be better for someone to Walk-Out, because they are frustrated to the point of having no “Personal Soul Energy “available for continuing their life here. And why do they just not Cross Over?

Somewhere in the Spirit World, a rare ‘Agreement’ is made. Souls are clambering to get into an incarnation here on Earth. If there is a perfectly usable Human who can accommodate the Walk-In and the Walk-Out at the same time, then why not?

This is a complex situation. All parties must be in agreement. It must be for the betterment of each soul, and above all, for the Earth, and the contribution of the Walk-In to be advantageous.

In the Spirit World, there are numerous such ‘Agreements’, however unusual they may seem to us, that are made, and a Social Organization exists throughout the Dimensions, that we cannot fully understand. I am certain, these things are done for balance in the entire complexity of the Dimensions, and also, to respect ‘Free Will’ of the Soul.

I always wonder, since I first heard this term, how many Walk-Ins I may have encountered. Or what other types of Soul Agreements are made to give a second chance to a different Soul.



12 November 2010