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Part III in the Series “Distance Healing”

Vibrational Healing Is Soul Restoration

This topic of Distance Healing and Vibrational, Energetic, Reikki, Qi-Gong Healing, is not yet fully understood. There remain questions, of ‘what is Vibrational Healing?’

Our own unique Vibration is that which will be affected. Each of us has a unique Vibration that is specifically ours. No one else occupies your Vibration. It has the signature of you, from each life and reality you have existed in, your Vibration has been the same. As your Vibration exists within your ‘density matter’, or body, it may fluctuate in the amount of ‘Energy’ it expresses at any one time. Few of us express 100% of our Energy at one time. The average person expresses some unknown portion of their total Energy.

Vibrational Healing begins with the Healer’s and Client’s Intention to transfer the Subtle Energy Bodies. These ‘subtle energies’ are part of a whole unit of energy. In Vibrational Healing, I direct these ‘subtle energies’ to the various spheres of the Higher Spiritual Energies. This method, defined in “Vibrational Medicine”, by Richard Gerber, MD, describes filling the Highest Spiritual “Spheres” with high velocity subtle energies. As a Healer, I move on to subsequent spheres all working in the Spiritual Levels. This means working outside of the body. The velocity of the subtle energies is ~ 10 x 10^20 (x Light).

During the Vibrational Healing, the effects on the client vary. I have heard reports of high Energy, but most often, I hear of the urge to sleep quite deeply, and this occurs shortly after the treatment. This is the feeling of deep, unworried, rest with or without sleep. This ranges from mild drowsiness and mellow feelings.

I have asked my Teacher, why there is such a need for sleep, for I have experienced it too, and look forward to it. After some time of looking for the answer, what He told me made sense.

As the subtle energies enter the Higher Spiritual Energies, they are confronted with energies of various speed, histories, and amounts. The subtle energies are directed to this area in order to ‘Restore the Soul’ to its original balance. If someone were to have a surgery, for example, some of their soul energy or Higher Spiritual Energies, would be gone, missing, never to return as they were. To balance this loss much Subtle Energies must be added to make up for the amount missing. As the new Subtle Energies are added at the highest possible Spiritual level, there is an ‘equilibrium’ that must be met. The new and the former ‘subtle energy’ become the present quantity of Subtle Energy. That balance requires a shift in the total amount. During the Spiritual Energies ‘shift’ the physical or ‘density matter’ becomes attuned to the new amount. Rest, and sleep, heals during this process.

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Next, in Part IV, the issue of ‘Distance Healing’ or the ‘Non Locality’ of Healing will be addressed.