Meeting Your Guides

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Just Breathe

He or She has a name. They may want you to know it. They may want to interact with you.
Guided Meditation has been suggested.
My personal task, here and now, as a Spiritual, Physical and Psychic Medium, is to work with my clients. I help name their Guides, and go back to their last life together. I find out other relevant information that the Guide may like you to know. I may shed light on the purpose of the Guide, and the timing of knowing this Guide, right now in your life.
I do this with Table Tipping, and hearing them through “Telepathy”.
All who read this are welcome to contact me for this service. Although I have worked with Table Tipping through Skype, it is rather cumbersome for both.
So, if no answer comes from Table Tipping, there is one that may come directly to you. You may contact your Guides, and begin a relationship with them, by a Guided Meditation, or a simpler meditation where you are in control. You are listening to your soul, no one may tell you how to meet your Guide.

Just Breathe

It is as simple as desire and breathing. It is not work, it is peaceful, restful. You may have an idea in mind, or “Intention” as it is called, and begin to breathe as you relax in your favorite spot, undisturbed. An “Intention” to ask the name of your Chief Guide or Spirit Protector Guide, is a good start. For ease, you may work with one at a time. Further, if you are visually oriented, you may imagine a giant monitor, or television, and begin asking. A vision, movie, or story may appear on the monitor screen.

This is how it may happen. I know someone who did a short ten minute breathing session and became familiar with her Guide. I know someone who needed one month. For myself, I have discovered more of the story, of my Past Lives with my Chief Guide, Hamish, this way. The vision of your “Intention”, of the name of your Guide may also occur days or a few weeks after the initial breathing session. You may like to convince your Guide of your sincerity in knowing them by repeating the breathing session.

This is the beginning of the relationship between you and your Guide. What takes place thereafter is the beginning of pure Joy, learning for both of you, and bonding. Your Chief Guide, and Spirit Protector Guide are the two who stay with you, for your lifetime here. Chosen by both you and them, there is so much catching up to do. The relationship promises richness, non judgmental interaction, advice, and unconditional love.

Just Breathe

~ Brilliant Blessings, Michelle