Twin Flames

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Twin Flames Part I

You are planning for your first Incarnation. From the Spirit World, as a young, new soul, freshly entering an Incarnation on Earth, you are planning your Life Lessons and Soul Intent. Planning who will do what, what will be the primary lesson of many Incarnations and discussing with your ‘Auxiliary Souls’ what you may need them to do, and will they be willing to do it. Then, pulling your attention away, one of your Teachers, or Masters, asks if you would like to live your life as a ‘Twin Flame’.

Knowing what this means, as a Soul, you may bristle. Then you accept the challenge, with joy.

It is a rich endeavor. We exist, on Earth, as a Vibration or Soul, occupying ‘density matter’. Each is individual and unique, as our Soul Matter is such. Our soul is a Vibration, with the quality of androgyny, possessing both The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine. As a “Twin Flame”, there is a unique situation presented.

During the first one or so Incarnations, on Earth, the theme or Soul Intent is established. This is an important time to decide and use Free Will as to how you would like the rest of your Incarnations to follow. There are many ‘Intents’. One can learn through Compassion, Humility, Contentiousness, Shame, Repression, Joy. All are learned in these early few Incarnations. Many lessons support this theme in following Incarnations, but here is where it all begins.

Sometime after the first few Incarnations, the Soul “Divides” into its parts. Where it had been a Vibration of Androgynous Energy, it now separates, into two: the Divine Masculine, and Divine Feminine Aspects. Suffice it to say that these parts were deeply co-mingled before, and are now ready for the journey as two parts of the same Vibration, and able to Incarnate separate bodies. They are forever linked Spiritually, at all times, to one another. The difficulty is they will not know each other in density matter again until they have reached their last few Incarnations. Twin Flames live separated from one another, for all of the rest of their Incarnations, be it 300 or 1000 Incarnations.

It is during the last Incarnation, where they resolve whatever Karma they created together during their first few Incarnations in Androgyny. Most Twin Flames are ecstatic to have found one another, and these last Incarnations are Joyous. They reach a point, where they have accomplished all that they had intended, in all of their Incarnations, and they move into the Spirit World, with other choices to make

Part II will address the reason some Souls decide to experience the Twin Flame Journey.

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