Timing is Everything …. a practical way to contact your Guides 0

Timing is Everything …. a practical way to contact your Guides

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We have a Timing Guide. This Spiritual Guide uses Time, which exists in our Third Dimension. You may encounter a person who later becomes your best friend. They help you through some difficult years ahead. Had you met this friend a year earlier, there would not have been the same connection. You may get home an hour late. As you walk in, the phone rings and the person on the other end interviews you for the job you have been wanting for months. The connection is made, at the right time.
So too, for Humans in ‘density matter’ who desire to meet their Chief or other Spirit Guide. The timing of it will be perfect. This is where Spiritual meets the practical.
If I am out having coffee with a friend, acquaintance or client, I may hear “I want to meet my Creative Guide. NOW. What can I do?” I immediately understand that this is the nudge from their Timing Guide, and now is the right time.
If they need a Guided meditation, it is easily done, in nature, or privacy of a car, their home. I Guide them to a comfortable place, in a relaxing environment. Picturing a large screen, as for a tv, ask your Guide to appear. What is their name? What do they look like? What was your last lifetime together? What will happen going forward with this Guide?
These questions are the beginning of a new relationship with this Guide. You can determine your own path in the Guided Meditation, and may need no one’s assistance. It is entirely up to you. I have met each of my Guides under different circumstances. At just the right time, and not a moment too soon. Is there a Guide you are willing to meet?
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