Universal Guides Part I

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In my inter-dimensional work, I rarely use Table Tipping for Vibrational Healing. I accomplish this through meditation and ‘stepping out’. This means that I step out into the dimensions of the Spirit World, guided by my two closest Spirit Guides: my Chief Guide, and my Spirit Protector, or ‘Gatekeeper’ Guide. I tend to go directly to my sanctuary, by crossing the Astral Plane, and may go to other designated places later. There is purpose when I go, and my Spirit Teacher, an Archangel of Healing, is always overjoyed to see me. He is a beautiful sight.
This past Fall, I came to accept that I needed to have two surgeries, separated by a month of recovery in between. I was particularly nervous about this, and I am not new to surgery. I turned to my Guides, and my Teacher.
I began a series of Vibrational Healings for myself as suggested by my Teacher. In addition a new ‘place’ was built that accommodated all of my needs for healing, before and after surgery. You see, one can build any structure, place, and sanctuary, from Universal Energy alone. The desire is what is needed, and you may be surprised. My Guides built this for me during one visit. I would like to say it took no time at all, but time does not exist there.
As I continued these visits to my Sanctuary, for Vibrational Healing, I began to ask more questions of my Teacher. “What am I going to do in the surgery? Who will help me?” To this, my Teacher showed me the vision, having never been inside the surgery theatre, the vision was there. It was as if he peeled back another ‘layer’ and I could see.
There were tall light Beings, pure white, surrounding me as I lay on the table. They lay under my body, and on either side. They were standing next to the doctors and nurses, all people involved in my surgery. There were so many of them. Later, I thought they may have been of a certain order. I was comforted by them.
*Part II describes the Universal Guide
~Brilliant Blessings,