Crossing over is hardly the last word

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In every way, all our life, we experience loss. It is a significant part of our journey. Ultimately, destination wins, and we lose us to … what?

More than imagination, I find that death is merely a transition. It is as if one is walking along a favorite path, turning over every rock. The path spirals higher still, as you walk with greater difficulty. Along the way you see opportunities to take alternate paths, having new possibilities, unusual and beautiful treasures. It is always your choice to go down an alternate path. You move still higher on the path, with greater difficulty, and satisfaction. Then, all of a sudden, you fall through an ice cold puddle you chance to step in. It is as if you have fallen into a rich and beautiful atmosphere. It moves your senses; you feel unconditional love in every square inch of the new atmosphere. It permeates your being, you breathe it in. It feels like nothing you’ve ever known. You are stunned, in such an all consuming place. You look at yourself; your form has changed. You can feel your vibration.

And then you remember your life, before you fell through the puddle. What just happened? You transitioned into a new life.

Life is the medium for learning our lessons when we are born. An artist can tell you, continued learning depends on how we move from one medium to another. An oil painting master moves into new medium, such as sculpting, when the last medium stopped synergizing. Its lessons are few; they don’t match the profundity that they used to. It’s ok. It’s an indication that the artist has grown.

In much the same way, our lives become full and rich, we want to stay and be in them. We have our loved ones, our spirituality, the lives we built and the physical things we have acquired. But we need a new medium, taking our lessons from earth along with us.

When our loved ones make the transition to a new medium, it is hard to call it death anymore. They have learned their lessons here, and continue to be alive in a new form, in a new medium. They are surrounded by other loved ones. It’s as if they remain in our life, standing behind 3 walls of glass, and can still hear, see and comfort us as they used to. Harder yet is for us to see them behind the glass. We feel the interruption of our relationship with them. We know they have left. But they aren’t gone. Standing in a new dimension, their new medium for living, they are there, they hear you, see you. All you have to do is ask them to be more present in your life.

Happy Samhain, all!

~ Blessed be,