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An apparition of an actual living person



Living on a remote island has its benefits. I moved here in part to enjoy the slow, peaceful life, even if sometimes inconvenient. I had a routine of taking the early ferry to go to the main land, in order to see my various medical doctors. This morning was no different. I would meet the same taxi driver after disembarking the ferry. Arrive for my appointment, and reverse the trip when finished with my business off the island. The taxi driver, Eddy, knew me, and there were no surprises, or hiccups in his service. We agreed that I’d call when I needed a ride back to the ferry landing.


When I wanted my ride back, I called Eddy. He said he’ll be there in a few minutes. He was right, I saw him within a few minutes. He honked at me, which was unusual. A little rude, I thought. Not like him to ever honk at me.


I got in, and the energy seemed different, a little strained I thought. He said, “What happened, did you change your mind?” I didn’t get it, I mean, this question didn’t make sense. I looked at him, not knowing what to say. He seemed a little flustered. He quizzed me further. “Where do you want to go?” he asked me. He acted like we had never discussed returning me to the ferry dock.


He said, “I just dropped you off two minutes ago. You told me you had your own lift back to the ferry from a friend. You said you were getting a blood draw”.


I replied, “No, I didn’t. You dropped me off two hours ago, and I had no blood draw.” He stared at me, and looked at his log sheet. He appeared shaken.  He looked at the name on the bottom of the sheet, and said my name. It was identical to mine.


He said, “I just dropped you off, and then you called me two minutes later.” He looked straight at my face, and attire. He said,” She had your name, the exact same clothes, everything. I remember dropping you off this morning, and a few minutes ago”.


I asked about the clothing. He said,” Same red dress, same hat, everything.” I asked, “Same animal print gloves and pashmina?” “Everything was the same”, he replied.


We continued to discuss this, and then he pulled to the said of the road. “I just met your doppelganger” he said. The rest of the short distance to the ferry dock was just chat about another doppelganger situation he had been in. When he left me off, I told him to have a great rest of his day, and I would see him next time. I walked away, and looked back at him. He was still shaking his head.


As I then ran to catch the attendant for a ferry ticket, she got off her phone, and said exuberantly, “Hi!  Michelle, how ARE you?? Did everything work out for you on the Island?”

This time I just answered “Yes it did”. She asked, “Did you find a place you like?” I told her that I did. Then she looked me directly in the face, and asked, “Is it within walking distance, too?” I replied, “Yes.”  She used my name again to tell me she’ll escort me to the ferry, which no one has ever done or offered. It was about 6 years ago that I needed the help of a cane, but only for a brief time. The point is I have only had brief and purposeful communication with this attendant. She had to be thinking of some other woman with my name, who lives where I live and at one time needed assistance. Their interaction seemed recent. This attendant recognized me, the same as the taxi driver. But I was not the person they thought they were talking to.


Here is where the possibilities become too numerous to muddle through. Either she is my doppelganger, an apparition of me. Or, she is living in a parallel universe, about 5 years behind me.


I like to think about these options, and try to find meaning. There are no coincidences; there is meaning in everything (Carl Jung). Perhaps there are different dimensions. Our past, present and future lifetimes could be happening all at once. Maybe we all have a doppelganger, really a person or apparition that is lagging behind us, or going before us. At is moment I am at the beginning of this particular research. As always, I enjoy hearing any contributions to my experience.


Bright Blessings,


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