About Goddess Spring

About Goddess Spring


Goddess Spring is the place where I access the powers of nature and spirit. All of life’s experience has brought me to this Goddess Spring. As a young child, I was aware of Spirits and sought contact with them. My older sister crossed over before I was born, and I was deeply aware of her presence and spoke with her often. Surprisingly, whenever I asked her for something I desired at that moment, it happened. I began to seek more of this spiritual nature in the way of Religion. I was involved with several Pentecostal-type Churches where I spoke in Tongues, had the Gift of Prophecy, and more. I found organized Religion confining to my soul, and embarked on a journey that led me to study with different spiritual teachers. These teachers guided me along the path that eventually led me to The Goddess Spring. Thank you for joining me here at the Goddess Spring. ~ Michelle Coelho


Goddess Spring Mission Statement

As we walk this Earth, we can feel the presence of Goddess Energy in many ways – the oceans, the nurturing of one being to another, the comforting of a gentle breeze, receptive stillness. Those who want to access the Feminine more deeply can gaze at the Full Moon and ponder the Deep Feminine. From this vantage point we are often able to access the more nurturing and wise parts of our Higher Selves, and hence discover potent solutions to complex issues. Goddess Spring shares the gift of Spirit through modalities including Distance Healing (DH), Spiritual Healing through Table Tipping (TT), and requests for other services that support the well being of the whole person. Healing occurs on Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels. Every person begins their journey in Wholeness — already healed. Goddess Spring works towards the manifestation of this Original Healing (Wholeness), or the Source. Through Spirit and Energy Healing modalities, we assist you to find balance on your journey to your Source. Goddess Spring, is the well of Goddess Spirit. Our work is derived from the love of the Goddess, and the deeply feminine tools of Spirit. The Gifts of Goddess Spring, are used with experience, integrity, and professionalism. We understand and honor your concerns in your quest for wholeness. We maintain confidentiality and hold you in the highest good as we accompany you on your journey to Wholeness.


The Beginning

One night after graduating University with my Bachelors in Science, 1986, I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday at 2:00 am, on a beautiful bluff overlooking the ocean in La Jolla, CA. As we were closing our Birth Celebration Ritual, all four of us noticed a perfectly dressed “Court Jester” who appeared just feet away and was walking toward us. Fearfully, we gathered our ceremonial candles and offerings, and started to run back to the safety of our car. As we ran we heard him say, “Don’t run away, Girls”. This event of the Court Jester inspired a passionate search for deeper Spirituality and all of the gifts that come with it. My research taught me that the Court Jester is the Wisest Member of the King’s Court, to which the most difficult of problems are addressed, and an answer is always given. I took this Jester’s words as a sign for me to embrace Spirit, eventually letting go of my profession as a scientist and devoting my life moving towards the exploration of Spirit. More about the Jester and his role follows.

court-jester__optThe Role of the Jester

Every time I embarked on a new level of Spirituality, a new mentor appeared for me. I was introduced to mentors who taught me the ways of centuries of Celtic Tradition and Ritual. I was always fascinated with the British Isles and visited there many times. I learned how to work with Energy, its properties, how to raise energy, and expand it for my good purpose. I learned to work with Clairvoyance, using Runes primarily, and I studied a variety of Divination tools, and continue daily to add to my collection of tools.

I developed an interest in Energy Healing and learned Therapeutic Touch in 1996, and have been practicing this method for the last 14 years. I continue to add to my knowledge of this art, and now, as distance often separates us from practicing hands on, I use this form of Energy Healing in my Distance Healing Work. I use this technique to those who have given me their permission to use it on them from a distance. Working with Distance Healing is a privilege that I take seriously. Most of my session includes my process of balancing the body from a distance and sending pertinent information when finished.

About the same time as I received training in Therapeutic Touch and Energy Healing, my “Twin Soul” and constant companion, introduced me to Table Tipping. While this is not a new tool, its purpose and technique has evolved since Victorian Times. There are differences in how each group or individual uses it, however the desired result is still the same. That result includes a connection with Spirit and departed loved ones, finding and developing a relationship with our Spirit Guides, finding lost things, and many more things. There are so many Spirit Guides who are waiting for us to connect with them. While several good books exist regarding Spirit Guides, I continue to research all things related to Spirit, using primarily Table Tipping and meditation. Through this work, I am able to see and hear just beyond this Dimension, into the next, and often, beyond.

I am delighted to have you accompany me on this Jester-inspired Journey.