Purpose of the Divine


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An apparition of an actual living person     Living on a remote island has its benefits. I moved here in part to enjoy the slow, peaceful life, even if sometimes inconvenient. I had a routine of taking the early ferry to go to the main land, in order to see my various medical doctors. This morning was no different. I would meet the same taxi driver after disembarking the ferry. Arrive for my appointment, and reverse the trip when finished with my business off the island. The taxi driver, Eddy, knew me, and there were no surprises, or hiccups in his service. We agreed that I’d call when I needed a ride back to the ferry landing.   When I wanted my ride back, I called Eddy. He said he’ll be there in a few minutes. He was right, I saw him within a few...

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A Commentary on the “Afterlife of Billy Fingers” by Annie Kagan

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The Afterlife of Billy Fingers At a tender age of 4 years old, I became terrified when my Mother revealed that we all eventually will die, including me.  But, what happens after that? Fast forward to when I began to read “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”, by Annie Kagan.The story is one everyone can relate to. We all know a “Billy Fingers” to which a horrible fate befalls him. This one is a little different. Billy Fingers dies in a car accident. A short time after this, he makes contact with his sister Annie, who is still on earth. The two of them begin a new side to their relationship. He pops in unannounced, for the most part, as her pillar of strength and knowledge. She sees him as a hologram, a blue light. She hears him speak to her lovingly. She asks for...

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Karma is memory

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Reincarnation Part II When thinking about the possibilities of Karma, it has been sold as a bill of goods that no one wants. “He’s got some ‘bad Karma’” Even the song, “Instant Karma’s gonna get you.” How much of this is true? It is thought in certain belief systems, that if we can clear 51% of our Karma, the larger half, then we will not have to return to Earth, for another go round. We could have the choice, or ‘Free Will’ to decide. We can become an Immortal, or Ascended Master, working on Spiritual tasks in other Dimensions. This may be true. The one thing that is true about Karma, is that it is not a debt. Such as a credit card where we borrow against our future, gambling that we can pay. It is less complicated than debt,...

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Twin Souls: Part 3

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Twin Souls Part 3 (end of series, for now) Michelle Coelho and Twin Soul, K.S. When I finally met my Twin Soul, we were both in our early thirties. I felt that I should have been born with long, curly, red hair all my life. To achieve this, I continually altered my straight brunette long hair according to what I felt were my true attributes. I met my Twin Soul, K.S. In the early 90’s. She was a co worker, with long curly red hair. Just exactly what I had been imagining for my entire memory of what I should have looked like. We became friends. We compared notes of our lives, things we did, our childhood. Our most recent shared experience, when we first met was our lives in Spain. During the same year, I lived in Barcelona, and she lived in Madrid. This was...

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Twin Souls: Part 2

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Identification Gives Purpose to Both Part 2 Twin Soul identification often starts the same as any other friendship, fast, or slow over time. More commonalities are revealed soon. Each begins to see the other as their ‘completed’ friend. One who I would allow, and do allow, to change some aspect of my life. Largely because the ‘Twins’ build trust, based on the depth of their soul experience together. There is resonance, each hearing the same vibration with each other. One teaches the other, with boundaries respected and relaxed, more so than with any other friend. Defenses are lowered. This enables change that can make enormous differences in a Twin’s Life separately, or within the world consciousness. One aspect of change can be the...

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Twin Souls

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Twin Soul Identification Part 1 A Twin Soul is identified over time. They are different than a ‘Soul Mate’ in relationship and in their beginnings of such. A ‘Twin Soul’ comes into being when one soul ‘doubles’ and becomes two of the identical “Soul Vibration’ or ‘Material’. This can last more than one life time, as we are truly one soul, having many lifetimes. The ‘Twin Souls’ are then born to either one set of parents having identical twins, or to two sets of parents, each ‘twin’ having a separate family At exactly the correct time, they will meet, if they have had separate sets of parents, either early or later in their lifetimes. The nature of the relationship is such that this set...

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