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Table Tipping

Table Tipping is an instrument used for Spirit Communication. This includes, Spirit Guides, those Loved Ones who have Crossed Over, Reconstructing the Matrix of Past Lives, Finding Lost Earthly Loved Ones or Things, Spiritual Forensics, and more. I primarily work with Spirit Guides and Speaking with Loved Ones who have Crossed Over, and, necessarily, Reconstructing the Matrix of Past Lives, as well as Karmic Carryover from a Past Life.

A simplified description of how this works may help you understand why it is so effective in resolving disputes or issues with loved ones after their crossing over, or to determine past life relationships, or karmic carryover from a past life to the current one.


How It Works

Imagine, that every being, Third Dimensional or in Spirit, has a unique and individual face, and that you recognize that being or Spirit by its face. Now, go one step further and imagine that this being also has a unique “Vibration”. It is different from yours, or anyone else’s. You also recognize this as its identity. Imagine now that we also, being Third Dimensional, yet Spirit in our essence, have a “Vibration” different from anyone else’s. This is the existing “Vibrational Model”, as you can imagine it.

When you decide to Table Tip, the following occurs. You may ask to speak to your deceased Mother, as she had a special nickname for you, just between the two of you. You are hurt that you do not hear it anymore. You are devastated at her unexpected departure. You may not have hugged her the last time you visited her. She is invited to the table. She recognizes you, and attunes her vibration to yours. Now you are in synchronization with her. As there has been a circle of Energy created by the Operator and Sitters at the table, all become attuned with the Energy of you and your Mother. She can then enter the table. The table, serving as a bridge or “Physical Medium” begins to vibrate. This vibration is often unique to your Mother’s Spirit Vibration, and the table begins to move, with Operator and Sitter’s fingertips on the table. From that point, all questions may be asked, as you like. Answers may be received Clairvoyantly or tapped out by the Table, or both. In this way, all levels of Clairvoyance can use the Table to communicate with Spirit. You may finish and invite another Spirit and another, resolving question after question.

You may want talk with your Spirit Guides. First, I recommend the Chief Guide. It is polite to find out his, her, or androgynous identity, then name, and try to find out your last lifetime together. Typically, Chief Guides have been with you through many lives, and know you quite well. They generally stay very near you all of the time. You may see them in human form from time to time throughout your life. This may mean that you are entering a new phase in your maturity, and thus, so are they. If you are a person who can already see through to other dimensions, you will be familiar with your Chief Guide, and can converse on the table. In this way, after communicating with your Loved One, sadness and longing may be resolved through Spiritual Healing. The flow of love from your Loved One to you is restored, in an emotional and psychic level.


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Table Tipping Workshop

Now that you have an idea of Table Tipping, this is a description of my workshop, Table Tipping as an Instrument for Spiritual Healing. I will teach the following topics at the workshop:

  • Theory of Table Tipping
  • Understand why Table Tipping is useful
  • Learn How to Protect yourself and your Space
  • Discover the Vastness of other Dimensions and how to contact them.
  • Learn how to be an Operator or a Sitter at the table
    Discover uniqueness of how each Spirit moves the table differently.
  • Learn about Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and how they impact the session.
  • Learn that with any level of Clairvoyance or other fore-knowing gift you can direct the Spirit to speak on your level.
  • Come away with the feeling that Table Tipping is similar to picking up the phone and chatting with your loved one or Guide who is in Spirit.


Recommended Tables and Dimensions

Shaker Candle Stands are easiest and wonderful to work with because of their ease of movement. They are easy to travel with as well. Many seasoned Table Tippers carry one of these in their car, or when flying to visit friends. Cherry, Maple, Walnut are typical, but I am also experimenting with “lighter colors” of wood to see if the Spirits find it easier to work with. Keep all finishes for the wood natural wax, oil, or varnish. Other types of tables that may be used are Federalist Style, or Queen Anne tables. These are also beautiful tables, and more ornate and expensive than the Shaker Candle Stands. It is best to have no paint decorations at all added to the tables.

The table pictured here is 25″ height; 18″ radius at the top and 18″ tripod distance of the legs.

Shaker Candle Stand

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