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All Souls Night

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Spirit World Part V The Goddess and Other Spirits In doing Ritual with special friends for Samhain, or All Souls Night, it is most gratifying. It is, in some Goddess based Religions, such as Wicca, and ‘The Old Religion’, our New Year. I contemplate over the last 13 months the whole of all of the Gifts of the Goddess. I remember the Loved Ones who had Crossed Over, the circumstances and surprise, in some cases, of such an event. I revisit the feelings. The wistfulness, of them having been in my life and now gone. That feeling of , ‘ why do I have to make a “new normal” in my life again. Why did they have to go?’ What do I do now that they are gone, just when I was really starting to know who they are and what they are about? For my part, I...

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