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The Emerald Lady, A Spiritual Shift, and the end of the Mayan Calendar

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I had believed that the end of the Mayan Calendar indicated that on 12-12-12, there would be a shift in spiritual concerns and practices. It would be a profound beginning in our society, where our conflicts would be about love and kindness, rather than war and killing. I so knew that achieving and getting were on their way out of our society. I knew that this began some 30 years ago, and that, 12-12-12 was harkening in a new ‘age of Aquarius’, and that St Germaine, once again, is here to see this shift and evolution to its fulfillment. This day was not the end of the world, I told friends, it is an end of the physical constraints we once had. It is a steady progression to higher thinking, and higher consciousness. We can behave in harmony with one another, and a...

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