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Recreation with Our Spirit Guides

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Spirit World Part X Creating An Intimate Relationship with Our Guides Spending time to find out who our Guides are, where they have fit in during previous incarnations on Earth, both theirs and ours, may take years. We have hundreds of Guides. Some come and go in a transient fashion just to observe one or two Life Lessons. Others may be available for certain activities, such as Table Tipping (Table Guide), or using The Pendulum (Pendulum Guide). As surely as they have certain functions, they are always available. All of your Guides, with your equal cooperation, were in agreement that there would come a time when their assistance would be needed in your life here on Earth. Although I have close relationships with several of my Guides, undeniably the very closest...

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Spirit Guides Are Just the Spice We Need

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Spirit Worlds Part VII What a Spirit Guide Is (and is not) In this four part series of Spirit Guides Defined, I will describe what a Spirit Guide is, how to discover your Spirit Guide, what a relationship with a Spirit Guide is like, and all of the various interactions and achievements that they can help us to make. I was introduced to my Primary, or Chief Spirit Guide about 16 years ago, during a Table Tipping session, my first. His name is Hamish. Our last life together was during the Civil War. He died of a head wound, before we could be married. We had many lives previous to this one, where we were married, very happily. This, as I would later find out, was a game changer for my life for the next three lives, including the one in present time. Over the next...

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