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Kindness and Cannibalism

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Earth school is the most difficult place for a soul to incarnate. We have occurrences here that do not exist on other planets. Natural disasters, airplane crashes, pandemic illnesses, to name a few. Then there are the ones that human beings create for themselves. We have created war, poverty and cannibalism. Cannibalism? Really? Well, how can that fit into this picture? The challenges that await souls that incarnate to clean up their Karma here are huge. I hope to offer a working theory on this subject. In my studies, I have found that I have had several lifetimes here, on earth. I have also found that many of the same people who have been supporting friends and family have journeyed with me along the way. Not all have had every one of their incarnations on...

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We all have our own feelings about Ghosts, and I will share some of mine. When I was first learning and interacting with the Spiritual World, the last thing that I ever wanted to encounter was a Ghost. As a child of about 8 years old, I remember the ‘Council of Three’ who was always with me. They asked me one day, “We have some tasks for you to do, that we would like your help with. It is your choice; would you like to help us?” I remember pausing, and thought it over. “Ok, I will do it. But I do not want to ever see anything.” I meant Ghosts, and they agreed. We had a deal. For the most part, this agreement has held true. I am not much of a “seer”. I began to see with a different perception most recently within about the last 2 years. I began to see through...

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Welcome Distance Healing

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Part I in the Series “Distance Healing” Vibrational Healing Whenever a new spin on an existing modality comes into awareness of the population consciousness, there are a lot of different names that may be used. Some of the names seem to oppose or distinguish each other and individual Healers or their business. Some have been around for centuries, and are getting new play. Some names give new life to concepts that we previously ignored. Welcome Distance Healing! If we think of this as the ‘Umbrella’ for a category of healing, we may well define its meaning here. Distance Healing has other terms: Remote Healing, Absent Healing, and Distant Healing. All describe how the Energy for Healing is being delivered. All are in agreement that delivering Energy is the basis...

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