A mystifying and comforting experience in which I will participate again.”


“My first runes reading Was done by Michelle in 2001. I just found out I was pregnant with my second child. The main things that I remember was she told me I was having a boy and his twin would be born to my sister who I was having troubles with. Sure as Michelle said 7 weeks apart my sister and I had babies together. I had a boy which she also predicted and my sister had a girl — and they have been together everyday and are very much twin like, as you can see from the photo below. Linda also told me I would have another child a few years down the road and the child would have health issues and I would have a harder time than with the others. Four years later the same thing I had another son who was born with health issues, but he is fine now. I would go back to Michelle to have this done again. She made it very comfortable for myself. Another thing Michelle did with me was a table tipping. I at that time had never done one before. Michelle was able to confirm things that I felt were true from the other side. I gave no information and she was able to tell me about my husbands father and a spirit who had locked me out of my house when I went to the mail box. Michelle is a gifted woman she carries special abilities. I would trust her at anytime, she is a truthful and easy to talk to. ” ~ Sarah


“In April of 2010, I was stricken with a serious respiratory illness. My physician prescribed antibiotics, OTC pain relievers, various prescription expectorants and decongestants. The fact that I have asthma exacerbated my symptoms to the point that I was bedridden. After spending an entire week in bed, my condition worsened. The doctor ruled out flu and other viral illnesses. I was worried about missing so much work. My partner, who is a friend of Michelle, mentioned to her in an e-mail that I’d been ill. Michelle offered to do a remote healing with my permission. Well, sure — I’ll try anything at this point. And, by the way, what’s a remote healing? I asked. She assured me I wouldn’t have to do a thing, but continue to lay back in my sick bed. Later that day, my partner received an email from Michelle describing her findings. I was astounded as it was read to me. Aside from the expected findings of lung, head and throat problems, Michelle had picked up — without prior knowledge — the fact that I had been suffering that day with an excruciating pain in my neck. I had chalked it up to sleeping in an awkward position on a bad pillow. It had nothing really to do with my illness, however. The amazing thing about this is that Michelle felt this during the remote healing and even cited it as a pillow-related problem rather than an illness-related problem. She was exactly on target. I could hardly believe it and went back through previous e-mails (the only method of contact between her and Michelle) and there was no mention anywhere of that neck problem. Michelle also noted a vague stomach irritation I was experiencing. To complete the healing, she suggested dietary recommendations to soothe my stomach and provided a recipe for a honey concoction. Here’s the most amazing part, however: The next day, I was back at work. Yes, it was a bit overzealous on my part, but I was feeling that much better! Michelle performed a second remote healing later that day for good measure, and again, I was amazed. That day at work I developed shoulder pain from lifting boxes. I walked in the door that evening complaining about the discomfort of it and saw Michelle’s e-mail describing a problem with my shoulders. I really couldn’t believe it. Michelle even identified it as a result of “over use.” I am a public relations officer lifting is not normally part of my job. The fact that Michelle was able to zone in on this problem was uncanny. It’s a comfort to me to know that when modern medicine falls short, I can benefit from the powerful energies of Michelle’s healing — without rising from my bed!” ~ Florence, SC


“I have had the pleasure of being in attendance for three Table Tippings lead by Michelle Coelho. Each experience was unique in itself. What was similar in the Table Tipping was Michelle’s kindness and respect, not only for the people in attendance, but for the Table itself and the Spirits that came through. No one left the sessions disappointed. Michelle kept things in control and the participants sat under her protection as we received messages from our loved ones. She was open to all input from us, and the mood was light and fun. We went from serious moments, to laughter as the sessions progressed. I heard from not only my Father and Uncle, but also my first love, who died tragically. We were able to help two people CrossOver. What an empowering experience that was! After each Table Tipping, I left with the knowledge that I was not alone. Because Michelle was careful closing the sessions, and powerfully protecting the participants, there was no residual energy stuck to me afterwards. What did happen, though, was I have been able to successfully tap into the other side with ease. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who would love to hear from their loved ones and I look forward to attending another Table Tipping with Michelle Coelho. May the Blessings Be!” ~ Friday Harbor, WA


“After the loss of many loved ones in my recent history, I asked Michelle if I may participate in “Table Tipping”, a method of contacting departed souls, with her. As a natural skeptic, I suspended my disbelief to fully participate. During the course of our session, I asked questions to which only the departed Spirits and myself could possibly know. In every case the answers were direct and correct. A mystifying and comforting experience in which I will participate again.” ~ M. Friday Harbor, WA