Distance Healing FAQ’s

What will be gained by working with a Distance Healer?

A Distance Healing (DH), will be a supportive measure to your health concerns, or can also be used as a maintenance life enhancing effect. Since Distance Healers typically do not treat a particular ailment, or make diagnoses, this gives them more latitude to work with the person’s Whole Energies. These include physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual energies.


Will I know the effects of my Healing? How will I feel afterwards?

Some people are aware of their healing, some are not. There is no right or wrong way to experience a Healing. Often, a person will experience warmth, drowsiness, energetic feelings, tingling, and others. The best way to enhance and experience the Healing is to do as your body tells you. Resting after a healing is recommended.


How will I know when I need a Distance Healing?

The best way to know when you will need a DH, is to first experience one. After that, you will know the improvement made, and
and what you need further. Sometimes, you may feel immediate relief of pain, or other discomfort. Sometimes, it may need more than one DH.


Do I receive individual attention during my Distance Healing, or do you work with people in a group?

I prefer to work with a person’s Energy individually.
At the end of the session, I enjoy relaying information to the person, regarding their Distance Healing.


How can Distance Healing be better than going to a Healer locally?

It is neither better nor worse. Evidence shows that Distance Healing and Healing at a local level achieve the same results.  The ‘Non-local’ gap in Healing has not lessened the effectiveness of the Healing. In the “Tiller-Einstein” model of negative space/time energies, for example subtle energies operate at speeds beyond that of light velocity. Working within the “Higher Spiritual Energies” the Distance Healer is limited only to working within the speed of thought.  Given these realities, and other experimental data, there is no reason to limit our scope of healing to the local physical area of our existence. Please refer to “Vibrational Medicine” , Richard Gerber, MD.


Is this better than going to a Medical Doctor?

My view is that Distance Healing is a supportive measure, not intended to substitute the work of a Medical Doctor. It is highly recommended that you continue to follow your Doctor’s advice and recommendations for your health.