Table Tipping FAQ’s

Table Tipping FAQ’s


What is the difference between using Runes, or Tarot or other types of Divination and Table Tipping?

In Divination, there is the assumption that there is not a random order to they way the information from runes, card, palms, tea leaves is being presented. The Clairvoyant who is reading interprets the tools according to his or her skill, ability to “see” or “know” the mind of God/god/Higher Power and delivers the message to the querant. This is then interpreted by the querant, as no one knows better than they how this will fit in.
In Table Tipping, one initiates communication with the Spirit world. It works thus. As we live in the Third Dimension, while being Multidimensional, there needs to be a “bridge” between the other many Dimensions. For our purpose, we can imagine 10 Dimensions. In those Dimensions, exist negative time and space. Our world as Humans, is in the Third Dimension and exists in the form of positive time and space. We understand positive time/space. An example is, if I am sitting in my chair at this moment, then you can not. I am occupying the space of the chair, and within a specific period of time. I as a Spirit, or “Vibration” with a unique identity, am occupying my body, Human Matter and Three Dimensional.
Spirits are quite different. They travel at the speed of “thought”. They move the entire vastness of the millions of galaxies with the speed of a thought. We have only to think of them, call them and they will be there. They arrive on the table, so as to have a Three Dimensional “bridge” between their Dimension and ours.

Where does God, Higher Power, or Being fit in, if at all?

Within the Vibrational Model, in negative space and time, all beings exist as a unique “Vibration”. Necessarily, if this “Vibration” expands, it may take a different form, such as a Human, Dog, Plant or Mineral. All have Spirit. All have Matter. Their form exists only in the Third Dimension. Outside of the Third Dimension each former earth being is identified as a “Vibration”. These are commonly invisible to us, but some people see form into the next dimensions.
In the case of the God concept, this Being is considered to be the Lightest Vibration of All. There are similar attributes to the “God-Force”, “The All”, “Light Force”.
This is not Religious, as in an organized belief system. This is Spirit similar to all other, and having the Lightest Vibration of all Dimensions. Typically with the Vibrational Model, this Vibration exists in the Highest Dimension, or the Tenth Dimension in our discussion.
Many people who do Table Tipping often invoke their own concept of god/ God / Higher Power. This is not a contradiction and everyone should work within their comfort zone.

So you are saying that all beings from all other Dimensions are accessible to you by the table?

Yes, they are. The beings that are accessible are Spirit Guides, Departed Loved Ones, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Immortals, and The Life-Force, or Lightest Vibration.

How do I know when I have a Spirit on the Table, that it is really the one who I called? Such as my friend who died 10 years ago?

Everyone has Claircognizance. This is the “gut feeling” response that we all possess, as well as Clairvoyance, Telepathy, and others. I have not known of one person who has used the Table that was not sure that the Spirit on the Table was the one that they called. They will also know when it is the person that they did not call. This is rare, and it is a matter of not pausing in the conversation you are having with the Spirit called. If the Table is left “empty” during a session, while you are thinking of another question, an unknown Spirit often fills the space, because they can.
The best way of thinking of this, is as if you were at a large assembly of a billion persons. Over the loud speaker, your Father hears his name called. As he approaches you, with your eyes closed, you hug him. Your recognize him intuitively.
Other ways to determine, and these things should always be done, whether you have the right Spirit, is to build in “Verification” into your questions, or ask a specific question that only the two of you would know the answer to.

What is the ultimate goal of Table Tipping? How can it improve how I move through my life experiences?

It is useful to the extent that you allow, in resolving personal issues with a person who has “Crossed Over”. This is a liberating experience on the Spiritual level. One no longer needs to carry resentment or that ” I should have done something different and my Mother would still be here” feeling around.
Further, one can begin to know their Spirit Guides, who are Spirit Helpers, that we chose before incarnation. They are frequently our close loved ones from a previous life. They function as Teachers, Advisors, Helpers, all toward to goal of helping us achieve our Soul Intent and Life Lessons. Also available are the Lighter Vibrational Beings, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Immortals, The God- Force. The Beings from other Dimensions are eager to make contact with us.

All of the Light Vibrational Spirits from All Dimensions, will be instrumental in your experience on Unconditional Love, and Non Judgmental Teaching. One need only ask.