Distance Healing

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Distance Healing

The idea of Distance Healing (DH) is to some, difficult to believe and begin to understand. To most of us, the physical realm is the most relevant and accessible. This is the realm where we sense pain, and want relief.

A short look at this concept may tell us why this may not be the best approach to such relief. 

Consider “Electricity”. When we put a plug into an electrical socket, we expect energy. The socket is our first point of contact where we want and expect to see, and know, that energy has passed through the wire and provided Energy in the form of “Electricity”, to fuel our lamp. However, what if this doesn’t’t happen? We can blame the electrical socket. We can blame the wiring or the bulb. In this case similar the bulb is similar to our body in pain. We look at the bulb and wonder why it, or the socket, doesn’t work, but we rarely go all the way back to the source to find the problem. It is at this point — all the way back to the source — that we may need to look.


Distance Healing – Back to the Source

Distance Healing is based on going further back through many levels to the source, and working with the energy at that level to provide balancing to the total body.

We may experience the debilitation of a chronic headache. It may be one that subsides only occasionally. Sometimes it subsides for weeks or months, and then returns. For most people, treatment for this kind of headache probably occurs only on the physical level. However, this situation is one that can be treated on one of the many levels that make us multi-dimensional. Beyond our physicality, we have an Etheric vibration, lighter and faster energy than the speed of light. Above that is the Astral vibration, even lighter and faster. All of the realms are included up to the Spiritual level, or the Source level. This level is referred to as the Higher Spiritual Energies.

At this level of Higher Spiritual Energies, the Healer attempts to affect a healing at the most primary level of origins of discomfort. This is done at the level of the Higher Subtle Bodies and Chakras. If these discomforts of the body are resolved at lower levels, such as the Astral level, the relief may only be temporary, and the problem may return. When the problem originates in the Spiritual Level, the correction can be made on all the levels, restoring order to the disorder (Gerber’s Vibrational Medicine)*.


The Manifestation of Healing

It is at this Spiritual Level that the manifestation of healing begins. We, as primarily Third Dimensional /multidimensional Beings, are already healed. It is the manifestation of this Healing that we are seeking.

There are many types of healers who will attempt to help with the manifestation of this healing. To be effective in “non local” or Distance Healing, the healer must work in the context of negative space/time areas. This work must be outside of the realm of the Third Dimensional physical body which has “gross energy”, and instead, in the realm of Higher Vibrational areas where the Healer can work within the Higher Subtle Bodies and Chakras.

I was introduced to Long Distance Healing (DH)during my training 14 years ago in Therapeutic Touch. I used DH often, not knowing how it worked, only that it did work. Today, we know that “non local” Distance Healing happens 80-5000 miles away, and, as in my work, gives the same result as if I were working with someone directly on my Therapeutic Touch table.

There is much commentary, interest and research in Distance Healing. Therapeutic Touch Professionals in particular “have demonstrated positive results in many areas including pain relief”says author Dr. Daniel J. Benor, MD and author on bioenergy. Further, he states, “distance, even thousands of miles, does not appear to limit the effects of healing.”**

The use of Distance Healing does not replace treatments that are advised by medical doctors. Rather DH is a supportive measure for rebalancing — filling energy where there are deficiencies, and truly contributing to the overall healing at the Higher Spiritual Energies level.

This begs the question, “What is healing? How do I know if I have been healed?” Many opinions swirl around in this expanding field of Distance Healing. A continual and correct adjustment to the Spiritual Energy Bodies will maintain the best balance, and will encourage us as multi-dimensional beings to accept the Healing and our lives. My own thoughts are that healing is not necessarily equivalent to “lack of disease”. Healing is instead a continuum upon which we embark from our earliest days. Every emotional, physical and Spiritual healing is intended to work toward our wholeness as a being on this earth and beyond. As such, each time we experience lack of “wellness”, in the physical level, we are reminded that there are lessons to be learned by such a state. I offer no conclusive definition as to “what is healing”, only ideas that are supported by what I have seen in recent years.



* Vibrational Medicine The #1Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies. Richard Gerber, MD, Third Edition, Bear & Company, Rochester, Vermont 2001 ** Daniel J. Benor, “Spiritual Healing as the Energy Side of Einstein’s Equation,” www.WholisticHealing Research.com


What to Expect

In order to find a productive and beneficial Distance Healing relationship with me, please fill out the pre-registration form which will provide me with information about you, your expectations, any health concerns, and how you were drawn to my website. Please exclude medical information. All information is confidential. I will then write back and we will schedule an appointment or decline depending on a “goodness of fit”. I believe that it is essential that our work together be beneficial for both of us. I am Guided by Spirit for this decision.

Once we decide to work together, we agree on a goal for the session, and select a day and time of day convenient for us both when you will receive a Distance Healing. After the Distance Healing session, I will email feedback on your healing. This may include what I found, saw and balanced during your session, as part of the continuum toward wholeness. I appreciate feedback from you to me as well, and although I encourage your feedback, it is not required for us to work together. It will be a privilege to work with you toward Wholeness, in a Distance Healing manner.

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$90.00 for three distance healing sessions. All Distance Healings are payable in advance through PayPal. An Invoice will be emailed to you upon acceptance by Michelle.
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