Radical Self Acceptance

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It’s happened again. This time there were more people and Light Beings altogether. Another huge change, I feel it starting. It has entered my psyche, my emotions, my physical being.
What to do? She said “radical self acceptance”. The Goddess knew what she was saying. It means a change, radically different from any change in the past, on how I relate to myself. How long can I keep changing? How long must I reinvent myself? Will I like it this time better than last time?
There is always a choice. I can turn my back on the very concept of “radical self acceptance”. As if I never heard her say it. But I did. I want it. It must be a new way of loving.
I can turn my back, on the things that don’t work anymore. What crept in was self sabotage, doubt, blame, guilt, ridicule. These things just spin my wheels. I don’t go to the places I want to be.
It requires change; radical change. I want to move forward again. Self acceptance leads to self love. It may lead to accepting others. Yes! Yes! This is it. This is where I want to go. It is growing, going in a fruitful direction. Starting over, turning the ship around. Back to self acceptance, radically different than anything I’ve done before.
I have the idea that if I am willing to do this, then my contribution to changing the world will be an important one. I still know I am just one little fruit on the tree, ever ripening. I play my role, and it is important. Each one of us is important to the whole.
So will I make a start at “radical self acceptance”? It’s starting to feel like unconditional love, just at the very thought of it.

Of course!

Bright Blessings,