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An apparition of an actual living person     Living on a remote island has its benefits. I moved here in part to enjoy the slow, peaceful life, even if sometimes inconvenient. I had a routine of taking the early ferry to go to the main land, in order to see my various medical doctors. This morning was no different. I would meet the same taxi driver after disembarking the ferry. Arrive for my appointment, and reverse the trip when finished with my business off the island. The taxi driver, Eddy, knew me, and there were no surprises, or hiccups in his service. We agreed that I’d call when I needed a ride back to the ferry landing.   When I wanted my ride back, I called Eddy. He said he’ll be there in a few minutes. He was right, I saw him within a few...

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A Commentary on the “Afterlife of Billy Fingers” by Annie Kagan

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The Afterlife of Billy Fingers At a tender age of 4 years old, I became terrified when my Mother revealed that we all eventually will die, including me.  But, what happens after that? Fast forward to when I began to read “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”, by Annie Kagan.The story is one everyone can relate to. We all know a “Billy Fingers” to which a horrible fate befalls him. This one is a little different. Billy Fingers dies in a car accident. A short time after this, he makes contact with his sister Annie, who is still on earth. The two of them begin a new side to their relationship. He pops in unannounced, for the most part, as her pillar of strength and knowledge. She sees him as a hologram, a blue light. She hears him speak to her lovingly. She asks for...

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Crossing over is hardly the last word

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In every way, all our life, we experience loss. It is a significant part of our journey. Ultimately, destination wins, and we lose us to … what? More than imagination, I find that death is merely a transition. It is as if one is walking along a favorite path, turning over every rock. The path spirals higher still, as you walk with greater difficulty. Along the way you see opportunities to take alternate paths, having new possibilities, unusual and beautiful treasures. It is always your choice to go down an alternate path. You move still higher on the path, with greater difficulty, and satisfaction. Then, all of a sudden, you fall through an ice cold puddle you chance to step in. It is as if you have fallen into a rich and beautiful atmosphere. It moves your...

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Radical Self Acceptance

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It’s happened again. This time there were more people and Light Beings altogether. Another huge change, I feel it starting. It has entered my psyche, my emotions, my physical being. What to do? She said “radical self acceptance”. The Goddess knew what she was saying. It means a change, radically different from any change in the past, on how I relate to myself. How long can I keep changing? How long must I reinvent myself? Will I like it this time better than last time? There is always a choice. I can turn my back on the very concept of “radical self acceptance”. As if I never heard her say it. But I did. I want it. It must be a new way of loving. I can turn my back, on the things that don’t work anymore. What crept in was self sabotage, doubt, blame, guilt,...

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The Emerald Lady, A Spiritual Shift, and the end of the Mayan Calendar

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I had believed that the end of the Mayan Calendar indicated that on 12-12-12, there would be a shift in spiritual concerns and practices. It would be a profound beginning in our society, where our conflicts would be about love and kindness, rather than war and killing. I so knew that achieving and getting were on their way out of our society. I knew that this began some 30 years ago, and that, 12-12-12 was harkening in a new ‘age of Aquarius’, and that St Germaine, once again, is here to see this shift and evolution to its fulfillment. This day was not the end of the world, I told friends, it is an end of the physical constraints we once had. It is a steady progression to higher thinking, and higher consciousness. We can behave in harmony with one another, and a...

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Kindness and Cannibalism

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Earth school is the most difficult place for a soul to incarnate. We have occurrences here that do not exist on other planets. Natural disasters, airplane crashes, pandemic illnesses, to name a few. Then there are the ones that human beings create for themselves. We have created war, poverty and cannibalism. Cannibalism? Really? Well, how can that fit into this picture? The challenges that await souls that incarnate to clean up their Karma here are huge. I hope to offer a working theory on this subject. In my studies, I have found that I have had several lifetimes here, on earth. I have also found that many of the same people who have been supporting friends and family have journeyed with me along the way. Not all have had every one of their incarnations on...

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Michael the Archangel…an extraordinary visit

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I had an unusual and wonderful surprise during a recent Table Tipping. With 3 sitters and I, there were requests for things I do for people who want to know the names of their Spirit Guides, and their last lifetime together. This may mean finding several Guides for each person, which is a joy for me. One sitter requested to have a conversation with Michael the Archangel. It was literally seconds before he arrived. His Energy was like nothing I had ever experienced. His conversation was private, just for that sitter. But to feel the energy of his Being enter the room, it was as large as the room. It entered softly, and made a smooth landing. I felt his strength, integrity, love in its purest form. I had never called an Archangel to the Table. His Energy was so...

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The Fourth Dimension Part II

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The picture above is brief and limited to what I have read and learned experientially. Sharing information about the next accessible Dimension, gives us choices. In essence, it makes the Veil between the Physical Third Dimension and the Subtle Vibration of the Fourth Dimension “thinner”. One may think of a veil as another physical boundary. But it doesn’t seem to be. Our Spirit may naturally yearn to know more about ‘the other side’. How to find out more? How to know more about our own Spirit Guides, Angels and Spirits of Loved Ones when they are there and we are here? The requirement to find out more about the Fourth Dimension, and how your personal Gifts of the Spirit will manifest is closely linked to desire. You would have great interest in being a Doctor if...

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The Fourth Dimension Part I

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Considering the many Dimensions outside of our own Third Dimension, there may be hundreds, millions or billions available. Simplifying it just a bit, let’s think about the Fourth Dimension. If you are reading this, you are solidly in the Third Dimension. You have form, mass, and live within the boundaries of time and space. Other realities of Third Dimension living are that we have a soul, a vibration, living in our ‘density matter’. Our vibration will at the appropriate time Cross Over into the Fourth Dimension. This Fourth Dimension is the first Dimension we are able to access. It is invisible to our human eye. The edges of where the physical Third Dimension, meet and mix vibration with the subtle area. This is where the veil between the two Dimensions keeps us...

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Timing is Everything …. a practical way to contact your Guides

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Timing is Everything …. a practical way to contact your Guides

We have a Timing Guide. This Spiritual Guide uses Time, which exists in our Third Dimension. You may encounter a person who later becomes your best friend. They help you through some difficult years ahead. Had you met this friend a year earlier, there would not have been the same connection. You may get home an hour late. As you walk in, the phone rings and the person on the other end interviews you for the job you have been wanting for months. The connection is made, at the right time. So too, for Humans in ‘density matter’ who desire to meet their Chief or other Spirit Guide. The timing of it will be perfect. This is where Spiritual meets the practical. If I am out having coffee with a friend, acquaintance or client, I may hear “I want to meet...

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