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Universal Guides Part I

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In my inter-dimensional work, I rarely use Table Tipping for Vibrational Healing. I accomplish this through meditation and ‘stepping out’. This means that I step out into the dimensions of the Spirit World, guided by my two closest Spirit Guides: my Chief Guide, and my Spirit Protector, or ‘Gatekeeper’ Guide. I tend to go directly to my sanctuary, by crossing the Astral Plane, and may go to other designated places later. There is purpose when I go, and my Spirit Teacher, an Archangel of Healing, is always overjoyed to see me. He is a beautiful sight. This past Fall, I came to accept that I needed to have two surgeries, separated by a month of recovery in between. I was particularly nervous about this, and I am not new to surgery. I turned to my Guides, and my...

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