Reconstructing the Matrix of Our Past Lives

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Message from Michelle Coelho

At one can ask the difficult questions and expect that a truthful answer will be given. Such as, “Why is it important that we learn about what past lives we may have had?”
It is a complex question, whose answer has several parts, often layered on top of each other, woven in and around, behind and in front of each other, and not necessarily linear, which is how we think in the Third Dimension.
To answer the question of importance, one need only hear what people say about their present life. I have heard, “This is the only life that is relevant. How do I get through it?”, or “I plan to do this right so that I never have to come back.” Or people ask me, knowing what I do, would I ever choose to return as a human or otherwise incarnate being?
The current thought on this subject is that if we clear 51% of our backlog of karma, then we do not have to return. We can be as an Immortal, or a Master, not having to serve as an incarnated being any longer on any planet. What it does not mean, is that we have no concern at all for having some kind of Spiritual Life on the other Dimensions.. We may be responsible for having to manage a certain “Group” of Humans, or Teach the Beings on other planets on how to levitate.
Through work with Table Tipping, one may Reconstruct the Matrix of Their Past Lives, with time. The person will begin to see patterns, if they are open. They may see the same pattern of being “stuck” for several lives in a row. Further, since the person is the one who decided to incarnate, and design their Soul Intent and Life Lessons that they will learn, these agreements can be changed through enlightenment. So that the Life Lessons once agreed upon before, are surpassed through enlightenment. This is a “Game Changer”. We now have the opportunity to clean up the stuckness, by resolving the past life issues, and rewriting the new one.
We would not have to return to earth again. Not unless we chose to.
September19, 2010