Twin Souls: Part 2

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Identification Gives Purpose to Both

Part 2

Twin Soul identification often starts the same as any other friendship, fast, or slow over time. More commonalities are revealed soon. Each begins to see the other as their ‘completed’ friend. One who I would allow, and do allow, to change some aspect of my life. Largely because the ‘Twins’ build trust, based on the depth of their soul experience together. There is resonance, each hearing the same vibration with each other. One teaches the other, with boundaries respected and relaxed, more so than with any other friend. Defenses are lowered. This enables change that can make enormous differences in a Twin’s Life separately, or within the world consciousness.

One aspect of change can be the Spiritual side of one’s life. This is something that the Twin Soul does for their Twin. The consequence of this may have enormously positive repercussions on the Society as a Whole. The Twin Souls, in their Synergy, can effect changes of exponential proportions. The Twin Energy becomes a catalyst a new beginning.

In Part 3, we examine the story of my ‘Twin Soul’



September 27, 2010