Twin Souls: Part 3

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Twin Souls

Part 3

(end of series, for now)

Michelle Coelho and Twin Soul, K.S.

When I finally met my Twin Soul, we were both in our early thirties. I felt that I should have been born with long, curly, red hair all my life. To achieve this, I continually altered my straight brunette long hair according to what I felt were my true attributes.

I met my Twin Soul, K.S. In the early 90’s. She was a co worker, with long curly red hair. Just exactly what I had been imagining for my entire memory of what I should have looked like. We became friends. We compared notes of our lives, things we did, our childhood. Our most recent shared experience, when we first met was our lives in Spain. During the same year, I lived in Barcelona, and she lived in Madrid. This was for the entire year before we met. The exact months, etc. We had almost identical experiences. Physical health problems. Similar feelings as we came away from that experience.

K.S. introduced me to a new Spirituality as our friendship progressed. Suffering from depression, I went through years of having suicidal thoughts. She never left me alone during these times, regardless of what was happening in her life. She explained that if one commits suicide, there is huge Karmic Debt, that I would have to live many lifetimes over to compensate for the learning missed in this life.

Along the way, she introduced me to Table Tipping, and that it would somehow answer these loose ends in my life, That I could finally make sense of why my older brother had been tragically taken from our family, and other questions, as to ‘what is my life all about? Who am I, really?’

Later in our friendship, after we had moved to different locations in the world, I needed her once more. I was having health issues, and needed surgery. She planned to see me a week or so after the surgery, to see how she could once again help me. But it was not to be.

Much to my surprise, two weeks before my surgery, K.S. ended her life here, and chose to be in Spirit.

She gave no discussion to me as to why. When we converse on the Table, during a Table Tipping session, she says it is true, she will need to live more incarnations to learn what she should have learned in this lifetime, here, she doesn’t think it was a good idea for me to have done the same earlier.

Regardless of where she exists, what Dimension, whatever incarnation, I am still able to continue the Good Works started with my ‘Twin Soul’ , K.S., with much help from Table Tipping and communication with her in Spirit.

May you find and know your ‘Twin Soul’.



September 28, 2010