What is ‘Healing’?

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When discussing the general term “healing” one begins to have a mental picture, especially if in the midst of a crisis, or recovering from one. Our health, on all levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, is vital for our well being.

When thinkng about our Physical health apart from our other three, it used to be quite easy. ‘If I could just get rid of this cold, or if this foot would just heal’. Then everything could go back to normal, as it was. But was it normal?

In my Distance Healing, I share that Healing, to be balanced, must start at the source. At the Spiritual Energies. Working with the source, all of the other levels are addressed as well. There is a ‘Subtle Energy’ Healing taking place.

What does the manifestation of the Healing look like? Looking at the truth that our physical bodies are already ‘Healed’ and that we are waiting, in time and space, for the manifestation, we begin to see Healing in a new light. We begin to feel the comfort of the healing, sustained over time. Blockages are unblocked, on all levels. Working with a Healer consistently and over time, a new physicality emerges.

For myself, when I think of Healing that I have done with my Healer, what comes to mind is ‘Acceptance’. This does not mean giving up if I have a brain lesion. It means that I accept the outcome of the manifestation of the Healing as a Spiritual Gift. I am already complete.



September 29, 2010