Where does the Energy come from that allows the Table to Tip

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When I was first working with my Mentor, Dr. Bettyjane Morrison Poag, I never questioned where the Energy came from. Every time I asked my question, the table moved. It moved many ways. Vigorously, excitedly, gently, barely moved sometimes at all. But this is describing ‘how’ it moved. The better question on deciding what Spirit is trying to communicate to us is to first look at Spirit itself.

Spirit has a unique vibration. It is Energy, itself. Just as you and I have a unique ‘face’ and personality, so does Spirit. Let’s start with a Personal Spirit Guide. We have hundreds. Some stay with us constantly, as with a Chief Guide. This Guide has been through many lives with you and knows you quite well. It is in the best interest of all of your Guides to help you learn your lessons, communicate with one another on what lesson you may be experiencing at the time, or how to help you get through a current transition or crisis in your life. As your Spiritual Maturity grows, so does theirs.

I had known that it is Spirit that moves the Table. To the extent that I learned it deeply happened one evening, when I was Table Tipping alone. I had been doing some Past Life research with my Great Grandmother, Nora, from this life. I had been her Auntie in a previous life who had raised her, and was trying to nail a few things down in order to do some verification in ancestry records. I thanked and dismissed her, when I was through asking her these questions. As I sat, thinking of who else I would like to call on, the table took on a different rhythm. It was unfamiliar. I asked, “Who are you?”. I heard “Helen” in a little girl’s voice. I asked “are you a Light Being?”, to which the Table moved, “Yes”. I asked a few times “What do you want to tell me?”. There was only movement of the Table by what seemed to be adult Energy. So, after not recognizing the Energy, I asked her to leave the Table immediately. She obliged.

Instantly, my Gatekeeper Guide, who was a brother of mine in a Past Life, entered the Table. He has a strong, masculine movement, or “cadence” to his Table movements. Forward, back, solidly moving the table with purpose. He said, non judgmentally, “End the session. Stop the Table”.

This Guide had acted in my best interest to protect me. The being on the Table was a Light Being, because I had properly protected myself and my space. Nonetheless, she was a “lost Soul” who had seen an opportunity. Spirit is eager to communicate. I had made the mistake of leaving the Table empty while I thought of someone else to talk to.

Always remember to have a plan of who you will talk to and why. When I worked with Dr. Bettyjane, she would not start a session unless I had seventy questions in my lap. I say, have a few written down, but be ready with other sitters who have questions as well. That is the best way to get the most out of your time with Spirit.

Happy Table Tipping



September 23, 2010