From Transition to Transformation

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As seasons come and go, I must admit that Fall and the idea of Harvest, is my favorite. Winter runs a close second. This brings up images of fullness, as we experienced recently from the Harvest Moon. A time of gathering, fall produce for example, and planning. Envisioning what is our next move.

Thankfully, as the weather encourages, we turn inward, for planning, and discovering. Discovering all of the fruits of the labor we have done on the physical level as well as mental, emotional and Spiritual. This is the time to take stock, evaluate, and move forward, to the next round of lessons

Intrinsically, we are aware that we do this Spiritually each day. We are introspective, at least some time of the day, and move, with Spirit each hour, becoming each day, month, season and year. For it is true, that it is the body that changes with each season. Becoming physically more mature, mentally and emotionally wiser all the while. This is the natural course of living in the Third Dimension. But Spirit, well, this is the ‘Constant’. It is that one part of us that continues to mature, unaffected by seasons, disappointments, losses and gains, finding a new lover, inheriting a fortune. None of these things change Spirit. This is the one aspect of our existence to whom we turn, to provide insight, guidance, and transformation.

It is Spirit that provides the catalyst for transformation in our physical lives. Spirit makes us ready, in cooperation with our ‘free will’ to accept the changes that come to us. Spirit sheds guidance of ‘best of all possible decisions’, and if we ask, receive direction on the ‘best way forward’.

During this time, your instinct is correct to draw close to Spirit. In whichever way you choose. It is driven by your ‘free will’.



October 1, 2010