Karma is memory

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Reincarnation Part II

When thinking about the possibilities of Karma, it has been sold as a bill of goods that no one wants. “He’s got some ‘bad Karma’” Even the song, “Instant Karma’s gonna get you.”

How much of this is true?

It is thought in certain belief systems, that if we can clear 51% of our Karma, the larger half, then we will not have to return to Earth, for another go round. We could have the choice, or ‘Free Will’ to decide. We can become an Immortal, or Ascended Master, working on Spiritual tasks in other Dimensions. This may be true.

The one thing that is true about Karma, is that it is not a debt. Such as a credit card where we borrow against our future, gambling that we can pay. It is less complicated than debt, and the cost is more.

Karma is memory. For example, in one life, there may be a contentious relationship, with a relative, whose issue with them is never fully resolved in that life time. This relationship would be a candidate for incarnation in the following lifetime, only as a different relationship with the same entity, or soul. The chance to work on resolving the conflict with that entity, is based on the memory, that carries over into the next lifetime.

This may also be true in the case of ‘good’ or non contentious Karma. An example, is if you are the type of person always helping other family members. No matter how much help you give, they cannot achieve their goal. You look back at several lifetimes, using Table Tipping, perhaps, and you see that this is a pattern. A Karmic memory, that co- migrates with your soul. In the deepest recesses of the unconscious.

Spiritual Awareness through Table Tipping can help in this resolution. If one can see where their lives have been, then a new Karma, for the future, through ‘Free Will’, can help with planning a new way forward.



October 3, 2010