Living with Jesters and other Spiritual Variety

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Spirit World Part IV

The Astral Realities

Living in the Third Dimension has many advantages for Human Beings and Spirit Beings. We generally co-exist with no great issues. We live, knowingly sometimes, will all Dimensions existing all around us, all the time, in our space and time. Sometimes a Loved One who has departed may have already Crossed Over, but still feels the need to support the ones he or she left behind. It is different for them. They are experiencing Unconditional Love, and a Non Judgmental existence. Why would they be sorry about leaving this world? Time and Space confinement does not exist in their world. For them, it will be the equivalent of a day or two before their loved one also Crosses Over. And the least they can do is comfort them.

But then there are, shall we say, Spirits of less refined matter and intention. Where do these come from, what do they want in my life, and what if I don’t want them here? First to simplify, I will address the Astral Realities. There are essentially four of them, for the sake of this writing, with many Dimensions within them, and Other Dimensions within those. They are divided according to their ‘Vibratory Existence’. The very low vibrational beings, are slow moving, unwilling to do what it takes to Cross Over, and eventually many cease to exist. These are often called ‘the heavies’. No one likes them. They don’t like themselves. Then there are the ‘Thought Forms’. These have a Higher Vibrational Existence, both positive and negative ‘Thought Forms’ exist together. These ‘Thought Forms’ may contain depressive forms, or ideas and thoughts that are positive that were never fulfilled, you get the idea. Then there is another layer of Astral Beings, and these are those that may not have Crossed Over yet. They may have decided to take a ‘break’ before Crossing Over. Live in a created rest area, such as near a mountain spring, and camp out. Also in this realm are those who are mischievous. They roam the Astral Realities around the Earth, and look for opportunity. Finally, there are those who are in the Higher realm of the Astral Realities. These may be Star Beings, or from other planets that can be either more advanced or further ‘behind’ Earth Reality. It is the ones who have decided to take a break that I would like to expand on.

A Spirit, much like us, has ‘Free Will’. An example would be the night that I encountered the Jester with my other friends. Who would ever guess? After almost 30 years, I have been informed by a good messenger, that we were correct to grab our things and get out of Dodge. That he materialized when he dropped right out of the Sky. We could see him, because he had his personal Energy turned up to “Full Tilt” I call it. We cannot see them if they are at about 5% of “Full Tilt”. This Jester, no matter what his intentions were, was up to nothing good at all. It was fun time for him, in a ‘Naughty’ Spiritual Sense.

Does that negate the learning that I received? Of course not. That experience, not the Jester himself, changed things in my life. I am different. Having out run him, I am all the better for it.

I often wonder what would have happened had The Jester caught up to us.



October 21, 2010