Meeting Oneself Along the Way

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Reincarnation Part III

More than once, I have found myself in a situation where, my new boss was intolerable, or my new sister-in-law was going to be a personal challenge for me. Further, other people could not see the things that I saw, or rather, could not see them as intensely as I saw them.

Why would this be so?

One reason, as discussed in Reincarnation Part I, I was working out the details of Soul Memory, or Karma, carried over from a previous life. There is no person, however long they stay in our life, who we have not previously met. When we meet them again, while minding our own business, it can truly be our undoing, if we allow it.

Another approach may be to face the challenge head on. Dismantle the Karma. Find a way to resolve this piece of our current life. Even if it means doing it without the other person’s cooperation. The important issue to remember, is that we are here , at this juncture, because we did not finish working out these conflicts in some previous life. If there is not enough time to work it out in this life, most surely there will be time to work it out in some future incarnation.

Some say, “Information about Past Lives only goes so far. What is important is this life here and now.”.

This is true enough. When self-revealing our Past Lives is coupled with our ‘Free Will’, we can create a different outcome. We can become our authentic self, learn our Life Lessons, and come to a resolution. In creating the resolution to the conflict with persons we would rather never to have met, we do a unique thing for ourselves. We find more compassion, empathy, joy. We meet our authentic selves along the way to living our lives to their fullest.

Giving that gift to ourselves, is the greatest Gift we can experience. It promises to have huge repercussions into our Soul’s plan for the next time around.



October 6, 2010