That Little Fear

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Protection in a Chaotic Time

New Series in Spirit Worlds, Part I

Occasionally, I have a person tell me, without really telling me, that there are unwanted Spirits residing in their living space. It starts by thinking someone is watching them. Over time, it escalates to other things. Children are uncomfortable. Frightened. The dog becomes chronically sick. They used to be able to grow plants, but no longer. Eventually, there is undeniably something wrong. As the person relays the message to me, I have to wait, it is as if they are afraid that someone in another Dimension, who is the cause of this, will hear them speaking. And that there will be consequences.

The Spirit World is complex. When I experience Spirit, I choose only Light beings. I maintain an environment where only they will exist. If I move into a new place, the first thing I do is clean the Energy there. I don’t appreciate surprises, or their consequences.

But Spirit is composed of both Light and a Variety of Other Beings. There are Rogue Spirits, there are beings from the Astral Plane who happen to stroll into our presence from time to time. There are, yes, truly, Ghosts.

What is important is not your tolerance in living with this type of situation. It is not something you need to keep in your life if it is not working. There should be no time when you or your children are too afraid to go to sleep with the light still on.

A “House Clearing” may be just the thing that will bring back some order to what you used to have before you moved into that house. Before you started talking to your spouse or friend in whispers. Before you had a jar of peanuts throw itself off the shelf and shatter only on one side.

There is no trick here, just the treat. Protect yourself well. If it doesn’t come to you intuitively what you need to do to clear the house, then contact me or someone who can do this for you.

Life is to be lived, following your path and loving your family. No Spirit has the right or power to take that away from you.



October 8, 2010