Yes, I’m certain, I remember YOU!

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Past Lives

In my studies of Edgar Cayce’s opinions and teachings on “Reincarnation”, there are many intriguing issues that he mentions. These are based largely on his experience with ‘Life Readings’ that he performed.

The one thing that he saw and found to be accurate, is that we are one soul traveling at different times, with a different body, on Earth. Relaxing, at times, between lives, on other planets to gain insight and learn new levels of Unconditional Love, and, when appropriate, return to Earth. My belief is that the return to Earth, the land of ‘time and space’, is not always linear. One can return to an earlier lifetime, if they choose.

At any time we choose to return to Earth, we will certainly meet new “friends”. Rest assured that each person, who you come into contact with, are not new to your life. You have known them previously, and are both “picking up where you left off”, in that last life.

This, then explains why, one relationship may feel as if you have known that person all your life. Some other new relationship may feel as if you have just met the person who twas a Czar in one lifetime, and you were a peasant. Another, you may feel as if you are repelled by their very presence. And others, you may never want to leave them.

It may be a reflection of what the relationship was in the past. Sometimes it is valuable to dig up this information using Table Tipping. But, keep in mind, as you have just ‘picked up where you left off’, this is another opportunity to learn in ‘Real-Time’. To work on making the relationship, when appropriate, whole, and ‘finished’, with no unresolved issues to come back to and re-work.

Then when we come around the next time, well, a life of Joy, and celebration will be ours.



October 2. 2010