A Surprise Meeting

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Spirit Worlds Part IX

Spirit Guides Will Meet You Face to Face to Show Their Love

I am not sure that it is typical, or even something we should expect, but our Guides, particularly the Chief Guide, goes out of his /her / androgynous way to let us know we are loved, Unconditionally. We may encounter our Guide several times throughout our lives, usually without knowing it. This particular day, I knew something was quite different.

I was leaving my surgeon’s office after a check up from a brain surgery. All was well, I was relatively carefree. As I approached the hallway to the exit, I touched my left temple, pushing back my hair. This was something I had done all my life, except now, there was a head wound scar in the area, and my skull was misshapen. The hair covered it.

Ahead of me, a man walked out of the Restroom. He walked in front of me. I noticed he looked like a well dressed man, seemed physically fit. I watched the back of his trousers, and saw a large round ball of something moving from the bottom of his left pocket, and spill out of the top of the pocket. A wad of large bills of cash fell onto the carpet. They were not folded, but disorganized and the ball fell apart as it hit the floor.

“Sir, you dropped some money,” I called out to him. There were several people around. He was the only one who stopped suddenly, and turned to face me. We locked eyes. His were cobalt blue, an important color in my Distance Healing work. He was so beautiful. He had blond hair, nicely cut, a gorgeous face and smile, which cannot be described. And he GLOWED. Yes, glowed. He said only, ‘thank you, M’aam.” But he didn’t rush to pick up the money. The stare was piercing.

I couldn’t stop staring at him. There was something so familiar, with him. I didn’t exactly recognize him. He was out the door, as soon as I came back from the stare. I followed him; I just wanted to see him one more time. He was gone. So instantly. I didn’t see him driving, walking, running, going toward a bus stop, nothing. He disappeared into thin air.

I was left with, “who would ever fold their money, so much of it, in such a way as to have it tumble out?” He glowed, I thought, ‘is he a Star Being, an Alien”. For the next three years, I reworked what little information I had, occasionally, and discovered nothing. Not enough information. My communication continued sporadically with my Guide, but I never thought to ask him who this person was to me. He was a Messenger, I felt.

After another surgery, I retired permanently from working. Having more space to process information, I began a more consistent relationship with my Guide. I had asked friends, loved ones, high and low, ‘What do you think that was? A Star Being? Alien? Angel?”
No answers came until I sought them from my Guide. Yes, he said, he came to meet me that day.
“What about the message you were trying to convey?”
He told me all about it. Some of it then, some later, but most of it I now know.

The meeting was done to get my attention in a profound way. Since this was my Chief Guide, our last life together was during the Civil War, when Hamish died of a head wound. I had made an agreement before I incarnated, in this life, that I would also suffer a head wound, to bond with Hamish. He says he would have never agreed to this, but would support the Life Lessons that I needed. That is what a Chief Guide does. I learned that his Energy stays with me, residing at the left temple of my skull. That is why I continually touch there. This is also where I receive telepathic messages, not just from him, but other Spirits.

He said the meaning of the money symbol falling out of his pocket is several fold. In our last life together, he promised my parents, and me, that I would always be cared for. He could not do that in the life we shared, cut abruptly in the Civil War. He has provided in this life, not only resources of money, but other things. I have always been cared for, in the largest sense. The ‘GLOW” is the most interesting part.

In other reading, regarding how Spirits use their Personal Energy, they can appear to be a human, at greater than 5% of their total Personal Energy. As this Energy is raised, through Free Will of the Spirit, the vision becomes more, and more, as if it is a Human living in the Third Dimension of ‘dense matter’. They ‘appear’ fully 3-Dimensional, with all of the appearances of a Human Being who just dropped a wad of money. They can use up to 100% of their Personal Energy. ‘Full Tilt’, I call it. That is when they have the appearance that I saw. Looking completely Human, details of clothes, speech, the money, cobalt blue eyes, and of course, the GLOW. The speech was only three words. This is difficult for a Spirit, since they communicate with thought. When Spirits do this, there is a good reason, and they do not speak more than necessary. They do not waste their Personal Energy. They feel afterwards as if they are spent, and do go through a restoration period. That is why I could not find Hamish, and also why he did not say much. He was spent, and disappeared as soon as he was out of my sight.

The next, and perhaps last installment of this series on Spirit Guides, will cover, recreation, crucial Spirit Activities that we have with our Guides, and some other important points.



21 November 2010