All Souls Night

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Spirit World Part V

The Goddess and Other Spirits

In doing Ritual with special friends for Samhain, or All Souls Night, it is most gratifying. It is, in some Goddess based Religions, such as Wicca, and ‘The Old Religion’, our New Year. I contemplate over the last 13 months the whole of all of the Gifts of the Goddess.

I remember the Loved Ones who had Crossed Over, the circumstances and surprise, in some cases, of such an event. I revisit the feelings. The wistfulness, of them having been in my life and now gone. That feeling of , ‘ why do I have to make a “new normal” in my life again. Why did they have to go?’ What do I do now that they are gone, just when I was really starting to know who they are and what they are about?

For my part, I appreciate each as they were. There is no judgment of a ‘good’ personality or a ‘bad’ one. I was fortunate to have ever known them at all. They just are who they are, still, in my life. The better question, always, for me, is what have I learned from them? How do I resonate with what they taught and make it part of my own Soul Memory? Did I resolve any Karma with them? As I wrote earlier, Karma is Memory. What about this?

As much as Samhain is a time for acknowledgment, Ritual and Celebration, it is a time to reflect deeply inward. It is a chance to get on the Table during Table Tipping, and ask the Soul that we are missing so much, ‘how are things now, for you?’ Instead of ‘how could you ever leave?’ Once we stop making all of these hurts about ‘us’, the surprise is in who will come through from your ‘Past’. We become more approachable, in the resolution of the hurts, particularly missing our Loved Ones who have Crossed Over. Keep in mind, it is now a ‘choice’ for them if they want to communicate with us. I encourage you to make it easy for them to make the choice an easy one.

The Samhain for me this year is ‘thanksgiving to The Goddess’. For the Love, that gathers exponentially by the day. It is also, the Celebration of the previous year, the changes in my life, and the Joy in moving forward.

I would like to think that there was nothing lost on me in learning my Life Lessons and Soul Intent, during this past year. Humbly, I know that I can always improve on these things next year.

May you connect with your Loved Ones this Samhain, and may the Love of The Goddess Be Ever In Your Heart.

Blessed Be,


October 31, 2010