Guess Who Came to Samhain?

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Spirit World Part VI

A Spirit I just could not forget

During Samhain, I always enjoy Table Tipping with friends also at Ritual, and connecting with Loved Ones from my Past who have Crossed Over. One question to address, is, how do we know that they have ‘Crossed Over’?

The method of determination that I use is one of exclusivity. I set the boundaries of who may be called, and they are ONLY Light Beings. My work with Ghosts and other Beings falls into an entirely different arena, not intended for a Loving Ritual such as Samhain. Also, if there is a Light Being who shows up, and I don’t particularly want to talk with them, well, I don’t have to. No matter how loud they are asking to get on the Table, and give me a message. It is the same principle as screening your calls.

This past Samhain, I had invited a dear friend who is also a ‘Seer’. She relayed afterwards who she saw around me, waiting to be called to the Table. We were just finishing up our session of Table Tipping, when I kept seeing and hearing the name of a friend who had died some 30 years earlier. Yes, I was a young girl and grew up around him, very handsome, he was. I had not thought of him much at all in these last 30 years. Yet, here was the voice, the words I saw and heard in my head said, ‘let me talk’. I said, ‘OK, Joe, come on the Table.’ He needed my permission.

I asked about my family. He said they are all fine. Do you see them, he said “sometimes, but forget about them, they are all fine.” Then, the message, he said ‘I love you Sweetheart. I will see you soon.’ I thought ,’GREAT!’ He will be there when I Cross Over. What a great friend, I thought.

Well, for the next few days, my mind was flooded with memories of this person. Something wasn’t quite right. I hadn’t thought of him in 30 years in this way, and now could not get him out of my mind. It was obstructive; my attention was on him.

One night, I was awakened around 3am. I was getting some water, and turned. There in the doorway, he was looking at me. Looking exactly the way he looked when I last saw him. I saw him through the Dimensions, the way I see all of them. He said, “Come on Michelle, let’s go”.

‘What do you mean, let’s go?, what are you still doing here?’ I had excused all Spirits and Elementals, 3 nights previously. He was not supposed to be hanging around uninvited. I knew what he wanted, and it was to do the things that had gotten him killed on that cold night 30 years ago; when he broke the hearts of all who loved him, including me. He wasn’t taking care of any of his Lessons ‘In Spirit’. I wonder if he had done it at all in the last 3 decades.

I got rid of him. It took me the next 2 hours, but he is gone. His memory is as it was before, distant in my mind. The lessons here for me are many. One new thing that I had not counted on, was that a Spirit, just because they have ‘Crossed Over’, does not mean they do not still roam around. They can badger a Human to make the invitation. If we succumb to the pressure, well, the story can end many different ways. In this case, this Light Being was harder to get rid of than many of the previous ones that I have thrown out.

Sometimes, in the warmth of the moment, it can happen that we are seduced by a Being who makes promises, from another Dimensions. Particularly, when it comes from one we still love. There was a price to pay, on the Table that night, in allowing Joe onto that space. I was the only one who could decide if the invitation was worth the trouble. I would like to think that it was.

No important lessons are without challenge.



November 8, 2010