Spirit Guides Are Not Just Along for ‘The Ride’

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Spirit Guides Part VIII

Who is this Spirit Guide, Anyways?

Once we know that we have a Guide, we are motivated to find out who they are.
There are many ways to find out the identity of your Guide. I choose Table Tipping. There are other ways such as Guided Meditation or Hypnosis. There is no one way that is better than another. It does however depend on your Intent. If you set out to discover your Guide, you will be successful. One that is most comfortable for me is Table Tipping. It is conversational for me, as I am telepathic. However, there are times that I am trying to discover a date of an incarnation that I may have had with whichever Guide has approached me now. At that point, I sometimes ask the Guide to count out the date, with taps from the table legs. It works brilliantly, most of the time.

Now knowing the name, gender, last lifetime that you spent with this Guide, their function in your life, both then and now, you can move forward with developing the relationship. You will find that communication with your Guide is much like watching a movie, just the two of you. As you comment on the movie, or your life, you will find that he is exactly at the same point in the movie as you are, rather than lagging behind by ten minutes. He / She / Androgynous knows how you got to the point you are now.

You can develop this relationship, starting easily, just by meditating on their name with you eyes open or closed. If you don’t know their name, then you can also meditate on their function, such as Chief Guide, or Protection Guide. These two tend to be around you all of the time. Ask them their name. Guides say that most people never talk to them during their entire association. They will be overjoyed at your acknowledgement.

More things that will be revealed will be more personal. You will find that the Guide carries memory. They help you remember the details of your last incarnation that are relevant to your moving forward in this and your next incarnation. If we see a pattern that we are not happy with overall, we may want to change it. (See Blog “Reconstructing the Matrix of our Past Lives”). They have a sense of humor. It is specific just to the two of you. One wonderful, and loving action, your Guide will do is to leave symbols. They leave them as a sign that they are there. It is often something you need; at the time you need it. During Table Tipping, one can experience Unconditional Love from their Guide, as the Table leans into their lap, and the person places their hands on the center of the Table. I have a saying for this called “Spirit Love”. Sometimes, I feel a pulse of Energy in my hands, and always feel the warmth of their Love, through my body. Before a Guide comes onto the Table, they ‘Heal’ the person asking them to be there. These are only a few of the things one can look forward to from their Guide.

The relationship that can be developed with your Spirit Guide is entirely wide open. It is one through which you can be certain is based on truth, respect and of course, Unconditional Love.

Tomorrow, an example of how Michelle met her Chief Guide, Hamish, face to face.



November 16, 2010