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Part II in the Series “Distance Healing”

Vibrational Healing: The Process

I would be remiss if I did not mention that there other types of Vibrational Healing used by different practitioners and appropriate for other persons.
These can be ‘sound’ vibrations from a bell, or Tibetan Bowl. This can be color associated with a very specific frequency, flower essences, or chanting. People are usually drawn to the one that is right for them. It is a pleasure to describe the method that I use.

Defining what I want to do, when I work with someone’s energy is first and most important. After entering into a deep meditation I visualize a model, of the person’s energy that I am working with. The visualization appears to me in ‘spheres’ of Energy. This is where the mystery takes over. I do not actually visualize the spheres; they are presented to me, as a Healer. I know the goal, which is to contribute energy to the spheres of the various Energy spheres, discussed in the last Blog. The amount of energy, the color that it takes on, and texture are what happens, having little to do with me. I have only the intention to work with their Energy, with a desire for wellness as certain outcome.

As I work with one sphere at a time, I see deeply into that sphere. The subtle energy that I contribute, transforms, moves, changes colors at times, adds crystals and other gems, sparkles like diamonds, and other symbolic objects appear. At times, the energy appears to have the wispy and plentiful texture of cotton candy or a golden ‘Energy Weave’ as if patching a hole in that person’s energy, other times, it appears as if the energy is in a ‘gaseous sphere’ linked together. The meaning of the symbolism cannot be known to me, for I am not creating it. It is the energy of the Subtle Energy Bodies that is responsible for this new and fresh Healing Phenomena. It is personalized to each person that I work with. The symbolism and personal colors are shared with the client only if they ask. The way the person feels afterwards is the most important element to consider.

Subtle Energy is used to distribute Energies to each of the spheres, and intentionally, the entire person who is receiving the Distance Healing. When I work with a person’s energy, I see where the deficiency is in their Physicality, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Energies. Adding sub particles of ‘Subtle Energy Bodies’ is gently adding back what is missing. While sending these subtle energies, I could see that the Higher Spiritual Energies will tell me much of the story regarding the rest of the Energy for this person. This whole process is best thought of as ‘Soul Restoration’.

There will be more discussion in Part III, the next blog in this series, regarding how the client feels after a typical Vibrational Healing.

26 December 2010