Welcome Distance Healing

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Part I in the Series “Distance Healing”

Vibrational Healing

Whenever a new spin on an existing modality comes into awareness of the population consciousness, there are a lot of different names that may be used. Some of the names seem to oppose or distinguish each other and individual Healers or their business. Some have been around for centuries, and are getting new play. Some names give new life to concepts that we previously ignored.

Welcome Distance Healing!

If we think of this as the ‘Umbrella’ for a category of healing, we may well define its meaning here. Distance Healing has other terms: Remote Healing, Absent Healing, and Distant Healing. All describe how the Energy for Healing is being delivered. All are in agreement that delivering Energy is the basis of Distance Healing. A Healer can remain on a remote Island, and deliver Energy 5000 miles away. Science fiction? Not really, it is Science and Spirituality beginning to intermingle.

The principle of Vibrational Healing is well described by Richard Gerber, MD. He was visionary. He could see that Western Medicine had great value in treating our physicality. Surgeries are necessary at times to save lives. There is value in using Western Medicine modalities at times. But, it is obvious, that this does not go far enough. What emerged from his experience is that Humans are multi- Dimensional. Energy fields and Dimensions layered and atop one another, in and around, inside of each other. What does it mean?

The whole Human is composed of many Dimensions. For the sake of definition I will use a working model of four. They are Physicality, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Dimensions.

Imagine then, that outside of our Physicality exists our Mental Energies within the Etheric Dimension. Here, Subtle Energy Bodies move at a much faster speed, approximately 1020 x the speed or velocity of Light. Imagine that for a moment. These are small, light in density, sub particles of Energies that move at high speed. These energy particles, Subtle Energy Bodies, work within your Mental Energy Dimension on the Etheric Level.
Progressing upward to other Dimensions, there we find your Emotional, Chakra, Causal Body, and the Higher Spiritual Energies. This is the highest and lightest, also fastest moving Subtle Energies of all.

One way to imagine these Dimensions of your Soul and Physical Energies, is to imagine a column of these Dimensions layered one on top of the other, each reflecting a lighter, faster Energy. Then if we agree that the column exists above the Physicality of your head, you may look up. Through the column, one will see these Dimensions as a Hologram. This is your personal Hologram of the Multi-Dimensional Human that you are.

There will be more in my next Blog entry regarding the process of working with me as a Vibrational Healer.



4 December 2010

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