The Veil between the Worlds No Longer Exists

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I wonder what happened. I first heard of the ‘Veil’ Between the Worlds sometime in the mid 80s. I did not have a clue what it meant except that I was excluded. Well, where is it, and why am I excluded. I had heard that it was at its thinnest in Findhorn, and everywhere in the world on Samhain. True? Well, it must be, I still couldn’t see the things that I needed to see. The question arose. What did I need to see?

Why could others see between the veil and not me?

I began the passionate search.  This search required lots of reading. About Channeling, Tarot, Runes, Psychotherapy, Namaste, Healing, Loving, Table Tipping, Meditation. Energy Workers, Light Workers, Star Beings, Chakras, Auras and Spirit Guides. What else did I need to do to see between the ‘Veil’? The Prize, I was told, could be mine if I could only SEE beyond the ‘Veil’.

As of last summer, I know it. I see it. There is no veil. There are only the limitations we keep in front of our eyes. Our Spirit’s eyes need peeling.  As I became more and more vulnerable, peeling back the thin layers obstructing my eyes, I see it. I see it now like I never have.

I hear talk of the Dimensions. In the Third Dimension we exist. Ok, I accept that. What then do I know about the Fourth Dimension? Where is it? How many Dimensions are there, in all? What is their Hierarchy? Am I supposed to learn it now so that when I Cross Over, I can be accepted and know where to go?

The worry. I am still in ‘density matter’. A ‘density figure’. A soul stuck in density matter, like concrete shoes. Thick and heavy. If I am that Human, density figure, then what about the beatitudes that matter here? Kindness, love, you mean Unconditional Love? Can it possibly be?

I submit, all of The Dimensions are around us every moment of every day. I say, there are not 10 dimensions, but 10x1000s more. Dimensions that are winding within Realities. They are small, large, colored every pattern possible. They span the vast 100 Billion Galaxies, and further. Their depth and size is unlimited.

I also say, never in the history of mankind, has this been possible. We are living in a time where talk about Akashic Records is common. Distance Healing is a required ornament. Past life regression is a must do. Oh, Really? Cost is competitive; after all we still live in the Third Dimension where we still need Third Dimensional trade commodities. Really?? You don’t say…

I reject this. I no longer need to barter for my Spirituality. I don’t need anyone to read my Akashic Records, and keep the Sacred Prayer from my understanding. I don’t need to have someone ‘do’ some sort of Spirit Channeling for me if I jump through the hoops that they specify.

Ok. I gaze out into the space where I am sitting, I see this no matter where I go, and I see through the Dimensions, into movement, into energy, and so much color. That is what I see. No Veil, not any more. I see my Guides, I see their movement. I see and feel the emanating Unconditional Love of the Dimensions. It is available to me, peeling back another layer of the blocks that were put in front of my eyes. Peeling it all back, layer beneath layer now, so that I can no longer be fooled. Peeling every layer from my Spiritual Eyes, so that I can become part of all of the other Dimensions. Any time, any day, no fear.

Come on. All of you are smart. You don’t have to pay your last dime to talk to a Healer in Tibet who does a special type of Qi-Gong or Reikki, because then you will be enlightened. Peel back the layers. Break out. Your Spirituality is to be lived. It is to be experienced, first hand, not through an extraordinary psychic, who has completed all his Karma. What if he also got rich selling snake oil? This is your soul we are talking about.

In an age when there is too much and at the same time no conflict in defining ‘God / Goddess / other’ we can break out and accept that there is no longer a ‘Veil’. Not anymore.

Peel back the layers.