Twin Flames

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Part II

Reunion after a Challenging Twin Flame’s Journey is the Sweet Music they have searched for…

The most obvious of reasons for the Twin Flame relationship would be ‘Acceleration’ of Purpose. The Twin Flames exist as either Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine. They rely on Soul Memory of when the other existed with them in Androgyny. To this end, you may hear of a person speak of finding “The One”’ to marry, referring to their “Other Half”. It is all worked out in their mind. It would really have been a different journey as One Vibration, rather than Twin Flames.

While working with just one part of the Vibration in a lifetime, two are so much more able to accomplish more of their combined Soul Intent, faster, than if they were One Vibration. Thus, their life is accelerated. The ‘Divine Masculine’ or ‘Divine Feminine’ refers to the aspect of their Vibration, not to their chosen gender in Incarnation. This may make lessons even more challenging, if a Divine Masculine Vibration chooses a Female Identity in density matter, and has children, something very ‘female’. Alternatively, a “Divine Feminine Vibration” chooses to father several children in an incarnation, something very ‘male’.

All of the mentioned Incarnations require going outside of their comfort zone, and require more effort to meet greater challenges. Depending on how they meet the challenges, their Incarnations on Earth can be fulfilling, contribute to the acceleration of the overall Soul Intent of the two, and be quite Joyous during the last few Incarnations.

It should be noted that Twin Flames are rare. There are not a lot of Souls that would choose to make their Incarnation on Earth even more challenging than it is. The Twin Flames that I have met seem to ‘know’ that they will meet their other ‘Flame’, often in a certain place and approximate time, in order to share their last incarnation. In all of my life, I have met only two, but read about more, and it is indeed a phenomenon of special qualifications.
While their life has somewhat of search aspect to it, high Energy and quite optimistic, there are some who know it is not time to meet their Twin Flame yet, and choose to meet and marry others, gaining more learning of lessons and understanding, as well as maturing in Spirit.

Given all of the challenges that a Soul could choose, I find this one of the most intriguing and challenging. It always makes me wonder why we, as Humans, would be fascinated by this particular one, and see it as purely sweetness, fresh, and perfectly matched Romantic Love.

It does, however, seem like a beautiful Love Story.

~ Brightest Blessings ,