Little Wooden Bridge

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Sometimes everything comes together, the timing is perfect, and a spiritual lift of enormous proportion is allowed to happen. Such was the case recently. I don’t usually write about others’ experiences, especially if I was not there, I am however, involved, even if peripherally in this one.

I have a Partner who is my partner in everything I do. He is a gentle soul, advisor, shares beauty, and an Artist. He enjoys making art through the night, sometimes until daybreak. This particular night I speak of, he had no idea, as he worked through the night, what would be an extraordinary moment, and connection with the Spirit World.

He had not done Table Tipping often, but when we did, he found it to be worthwhile and felt the connection to his loved ones who were in Spirit. This month, May, is the first anniversary of his dear friend’s unexpected passing. It has been a source of my partner’s grieving for the past year, and mine too. I spoke with his friend on the table several times and by pendulum as well. The last time I spoke to him was in November 2010. He told me he has things to say to my partner and to him alone.

But, this night, when all was silent; I, upstairs sound asleep, and he was working on a painting, that he had started last fall. He paused, looking at the painting, and then he heard an odd knock. The knock was rhythmic. It was a knock, pause, and repeat. He listened for a bit. Curiously, he couldn’t place it. Then he knew, ‘this is the sound the table makes when Michelle is Table Tipping in her Study’. Table Tipping has a particular cadence for each Spiritual Vibration that is invited. Each has an identity, and I know several of my Guides by the cadence of the tapping, and movement of the table. My partner can hear this, albeit softly, when at times I work alone in my study.

He went immediately from the Studio to the Study. In the cold, dark room, in the middle of the night, he found my favorite table, and knew the tapping often came from this cherry wood, shaker table. But I was not table tipping. I was asleep. He ‘knew’ to put his hands on the table. Where he put his hands, the area felt warm. ‘Warm like body temperature warm’ he said. He said, “Talk to me, please, now”, he asked.

Silence prevailed. He moved his hands around the table. It was cold as the rest of the room. Then he went to the other tables, each as cold as the next. And, then he went back, he placed his hands in the same spot. Warm, just like a body. His friend had not abandoned him when he crossed over. What other message was given, I don’t know. I know my partner recognized the beautiful, gentle energy of his friend.

And, just like that. No veil between the worlds, anymore. Our loved ones who cross over are still concerned for our well being. They even love us differently. Unconditional love is what they know.

The lesson may be that our loved ones in Spirit Form, are all around us. They’re there in hundreds of Dimensions, all around, in the room where you are now. It is finding the bridge, between the two worlds, or being open enough to accept the bridge you have around you already. You might never go to a person for Table Tipping, but I promise, there is a little wooden bridge in your home.

Open your heart and your eyes.

~ Brilliant Blessings,