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We all have our own feelings about Ghosts, and I will share some of mine.
When I was first learning and interacting with the Spiritual World, the last thing that I ever wanted to encounter was a Ghost. As a child of about 8 years old, I remember the ‘Council of Three’ who was always with me. They asked me one day, “We have some tasks for you to do, that we would like your help with. It is your choice; would you like to help us?” I remember pausing, and thought it over. “Ok, I will do it. But I do not want to ever see anything.” I meant Ghosts, and they agreed. We had a deal.

For the most part, this agreement has held true. I am not much of a “seer”. I began to see with a different perception most recently within about the last 2 years. I began to see through Dimensions. I came to a place in my Spiritual Development where I now see the movement of Energy. I began to travel; I call it “Stepping Out”, and begin to do work, while I was there. I was always accompanied by my Guides, and sometimes would find myself in the company of the “Council of Three”. I could see different Beings, and specifically Ghosts, along with spending time with my Guides. This was a different perception than the one in which I existed.
More began to be asked of me. During ‘Stepping Out’, my Soul never left my body. My Energy was expanded beyond ‘density matter’ and I was free to move inter-dimensionally. It was during these inter-dimensional travels, that I would do work as a Vibrational Healer, Home Cleansing, and the beautiful task of rebalancing of a client’s home. That is, I would work with all the Energies present in a home, if asked, and restore it to balance. This would allow the occupying family a chance to catch their breath, and not need to live with unwanted Beings in their home.
In Part II, I will describe what it is like to ask a Ghost to leave its current living arrangement, and Cross Over.
~ Soaring Blessings,