Universal Guides Part II

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There was an unusual Being I had never seen before. He was tall, and tended toward roundness. His garments were of green, yet it was difficult to see. It seemed that he had in the center of his abdomen an enormous crystal center, from which light, you know blinding white light, emanated from his Being and projected into the room from there. I could not see his face or any other part of his Being. He made no contact with me.
I asked my Teacher many times, “Who is he?” “What is his name?” I received no reply.
During the actual surgery, I visualized this Being, I knew he was there. When I fell into slumber, he was there, and when I awoke, he was the first one I saw. He pulled me out of that sleep.
The conclusion I have is that there are many Guides, and Beings whose purpose it is to help us get through challenging times. The tall, White Beings could have easily been Angels of a certain purpose. The Large Being with a Crystal Center, is likely my first encounter, that I know of, with a Universal Guide. His purpose is less to interact with me than it is to witness the Health issues as they pertain to life and death. He was there to see that this surgery, a planned lesson from before I was born, happened and that I survived, if that was the plan.
My other two Guides were there as well. Their purpose was entirely different, and also necessary. I saw them too when I awoke. They are my support, and I never go anywhere without them.
My lesson from this, is multi-fold. I will keep it to a short few heartfelt points. I was surprised that there were so many Beings in the surgery theatre, that I had never seen before. They were there to support me, my Life’s Lesson and Soul’s Intent. If it seems as if they were impersonal to me, they were. Their purpose was in witnessing this lesson for me. And, whenever I have another challenge in my life, that can happen anytime, I will know I have help, either they or another group of Light Beings and Universal Guide, who will be there.
It is for you to know too, that these Universal Beings are there for you as much as they were for me.
~Brilliant Blessing